Data ScienceDatasetsDigital Health
November 20, 2017

How to Become a Medical Informatics Freelancer Learning Python

Learn Python and Start Your Medical Informatics Freelance Career at Once: Step by Step Guide…
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Cyber SecurityData OpsData Science
November 13, 2017

What Indicators of Compromise are and why you should care – Part 2

Seeking out the Attacker’s Methodology Potentially, the most powerful way of creating an Indicator is to…
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Data ScienceDataOpsHadoop
October 30, 2017

JAVA, Hadoop and its great evolution in handling Big Data

Hadoop is one of the most important tools in handling big data. Hadoop emergence caused…
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medical data
Data ScienceDigital HealthHackathon
October 23, 2017

Request2D will help you find specific medical data files in your dataset or database

We are hugely delighted to continue our successful partnership with HopHacks - the bi-annual hackathon…
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Big DataData ScienceDataOps
September 11, 2017

Data Engineering – Maturity Model of Productive Analytics Platform

There’s always been some debate over what data operations means and still term DataOps is…
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core datasets
Data ScienceDataOpsPress Release
August 1, 2017

122 NEW CORE DATASETS  Are Now Freely Available in Partnership With The Open Knowledge Foundation

This month is another milestone for John Snow Labs as we forge our partnership with…
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