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1 Line of Code to Use 600+ State-of-the-Art Clinical & Biomedical NLP Models

This session shows how Python’s NLU library enables you to leverage hundreds of healthcare-specific, state-of-the-art models in one line of code.

This includes the full set of Spark NLP for Healthcare capabilities including Clinical & Biomedical Named Entity Recognition (NER), Entity Linking into medical terminologies (like ICD-10, RxNORM, SNOMED-CT, LOINC, CPT, HPO, etc.), Relation Extraction (for posology, adverse drug events, temporal features, body parts, etc.), Assertion Status Detection, De-Identification, and others.

Interactive visualization capabilities using pre-built Streamlit apps are also available, which can be used to visualize model predictions and test them out with 0 lines of code, directly in your web browser.

Data Centric AI for Healthcare

Patient charts hold 80% of the information about a patient. Yet, this patient data is largely untapped today. Understanding how to leverage...