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Accelerating Use of the Digital Medical Record with Optimized Structured & Unstructured Data

Clinical data in its raw form is incredibly challenging to use. The inherent variation in source documentation, wide range of terminologies, and fragmented storage of data across the healthcare system all contribute to its complexity. Clinical data, however, can also be an incredible, strategic asset with the potential to drive significant change.

Lucy Parente, Director of Strategy for Diameter Health, will present the implications of leveraging fragmented and incomplete data for health plans and health systems as well as opportunities to accelerate the use of better data for better decision making.

Diameter Health’s automated, scalable technology transforms high volumes of multi-source clinical data into an interoperable and flexible data asset to increase usability and completeness of the medical record.

Lucy will present Diameter Health’s strategic focus on accelerated exchange of high-quality structured data across the industry and partnership strategy surrounding unstructured data to unlock the true potential of clinical data.

A Hierarchical Approach for Automated ICD-10 Coding Using Phrase-level Attention

Clinical coding is the task of assigning a set of alphanumeric codes, referred to as ICD, to a medical event based on...