Usermind builds its data science platform in 3 months

Usermind Case Study

Usermind built its data science platform from scratch and deployed into production with live customers in 3 months – by using John Snow Labs’ out-of-the-box AI Platform.

The deployed capabilities included data integration, visualization, training machine learning models, and deploying models to production – all within a hardened, enterprise-grade environment.

Our key achievements:

  • The platform is fully white-label and Usermind has a license to its full source code and the right to modify and extend it at will
  • The platform license includes full deployment to development and production, security hardening, integrations into the Usermind platform, training and support.
  • Starting from scratch, Usermind now has a platform & team who apply machine learning with real enterprise clients.
About Usermind

Usermind is a Customer Engagement Hub, enabling enterprises to integrate customer data and orchestrate actions to deliver a world-class customer experience. Usermind is changing the way enterprises use what they know about customers to actively shape experiences in real-time. With Usermind’s XO Platform, enterprises can monitor customers and orchestrate 1:1 experiences across channels, systems and teams.

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John Snow Labs delivered a whole new revenue stream for Usermind within three months.

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