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AI for healthcare in the COVID-19 age: An online virtual care approach

With half of the world’s population lacking access to healthcare services, and 30% of the adult population in the US having inadequate health insurance coverage to get even basic access to services, it should have been clear that a pandemic like COVID-19 would strain the global healthcare system way over its maximum capacity. In this context, many are trying to embrace and encourage the use of telehealth as a way to provide safe and convenient access to care.

However, telehealth in itself can not scale to cover all our needs unless we improve scalability and efficiency through AI and automation.

In this talk, we will describe how our work on using the latest AI advances to provide 24/7 quality healthcare access has the potential to change the lives of millions of people.

We will describe our approach to using experts in the loop, and developing medical AI to operate in-the-wild. In particular, we will show some of our work on using state-of-the-art NLP approaches to power our product, and scale healthcare.in, PhD, is co-founder/CTO of Curai, a startup using AI to scale the world’s best healthcare for everyone.

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