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Automating PHI Removal from Healthcare Data With Natural Language Processing

Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), minimum necessary standard, HIPAA-covered entities (such as health systems and insurers) are required to make reasonable efforts to ensure that access to Protected Health Information (PHI) is limited to the minimum necessary information to achieve the intended purpose of a particular use, disclosure, or request.

In Europe, the GDPR lays out requirements for anonymization and pseudo-anonymization that companies must meet before they can analyze or share medical data. In some cases, these requirements go beyond US regulations by also requiring that companies redact gender identity, ethnicity, religious, and union affiliations. Almost every country has similar legal protections on sensitive personal and medical information.

John Snow Labs is Announcing the New Partner Integrations in Databricks Partner Connect

We are excited to announce new integrations in Databricks Partner Connect. Databricks expanding partnerships enable users to integrate the freshest data into...