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Azure Databricks and John Snow Labs Data Science Workshop

In this webinar, Juan Martinez, our Spark NLP Sr. Data Scientist and Financial / Legal NLP lead, talked about the Oncology and De-identification Solution Accelerators in Databricks, and how as Providence Health scaled Spark NLP to process million of documents. Then Databricks covers the best practices on how to turbocharge your business with machine learning using Azure Databricks, MLflow and Azure services. You’ll learn how to train models and create predictions with Azure Databricks, track experiments and tune hyperparameters with MLflow, and deploy and serve models with MLflow and other Azure services.Show less

NLP Insider LIVE: Using social media data for credit scoring

Welcome to our latest #NLPInsider LIVE show! I’m excited to chat with Adnan Khalid, Unit Head Data Science at HBL Microfinance Bank....