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John Snow Labs NLU: The simplicity of Python, the power of Spark NLP

Learn how to unleash the power of 350+ pre-trained NLP models, 100+ Word Embeddings, 50+ Sentence Embeddings, and 50+ Classifiers in 46 languages with 1 line of Python code.

John Snow Labs’ new NLU library marries the power of Spark NLP with the simplicity of Python. Tackle NLP tasks like NER, POS, Emotion Analysis, Keyword extraction, Question answering, Sarcasm Detection, Document classification using state-of-the-art techniques.

The end-to-end library includes word & sentence embeddings like BERT, ELMO, ALBERT, XLNET, ELECTRA, USE, Small-BERT, and others; text wrangling and cleaning like tokenization, chunking, lemmatizing, stemming, normalizing, spell-checking, and matchers; and easy visualization capabilities using your embedded data with T-SNE.

Christian Kasim Loan, the creator of NLU, will walkthrough NLU and show you how easy it is to generate T-SNE visualizations of 6 Deep Learning Embeddings, achieve top classification results on text problems from Kaggle competition with 1 line of NLU code, and leverage the latest & greatest advances in Deep Learning & Transfer Learning.

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