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Leveraging AI for Recruitment towards Economic Recovery

At PandoLogic, we combine world-class programmatic recruitment advertising with Conversational AI for candidate engagement to ensure delivery of the highest possible volume of qualified applicants. In this presentation, Keisuke Inoue will describe our latest effort to develop and integrate our AI recruiter chatbot into PandoLogic’s programmatic recruitment platform.

The chatbot leverages NLP/ML libraries such as Spacy and transformers, among other tools, for tasks such as extracting required skills from job descriptions, scoring the roles based on their complexity, and answering questions by the interviewees. It also utilizes services such as Daxtra for job description parsing and Kore.AI as the chatbot platform.

Keisuke will discuss the challenges of building an AI Recruiter at scale and describe how the decisions were made to reach the current approach and outcomes, including a comparison of different APIs and machine learning methods.

Scaling and Accelerating GPT2 Inference in Kubernetes with ONNX, Triton and Seldon

Identifying the right tools for high performant production machine learning may be overwhelming as the ecosystem continues to grow at break-neck speed....