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Leveraging Deep Learning and Clinical Text to Predict Asthma Exacerbation

This talk is intended to provide a view into the process of developing risk classifiers using NLP and deep learning on clinical notes derived from electronic medical records.

The ultimate goal of this research effort is to develop a predictive model that could inform a clinical decision support tool to alert clinicians and patients’ families of likely impending severe asthma exacerbation. Such a tool would allow early intervention to avert severe asthma exacerbation and improve patient outcomes.

Recommendations and challenges will be discussed in regard to working with this type of data, and cloud based development using Azure Databricks and TensorFlow as a technology platform.

Opportunities and Challenges of Applying Advances in NLP to Healthcare

Application of natural language processing methodologies for domain specific languages, such as biomedical text, is often a challenge. However, a more challenging...