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Leveraging Multiple Public Unstructured Oncology Data Knowledge Compendium for Advanced ` Queries, Search and Predictions

In healthcare product development and research, teams invest huge amounts of time to study through publications and other relevant
resources. There is a need for a novel solution to efficiently and reliably
extract information from multiple clinical resources, in addition to
generating new insights which can only be achieved through structuring
textual information and accessible intelligent synthesis across multiple
relevant resources. We created a cloud-based solution where data from
heterogeneous sources is structured, integrated and harmonized, and
users can easily leverage the combined database to answer
domain-specific questions and generate insights efficiently in a targeted

State-of-the-Art Healthcare NLP in 1 Line of Code - Ai4 Healthcare Summit 2022

Transfer learning and deep learning unblocked new levels of accuracy for many medical natural language processing tasks. The session shares the current...