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  • Deaths Due to Drugs
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  • Accidental Drug
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  • Accidental Drug Overdose

Accidental Drug Related Deaths in Connecticut

This dataset contains the list of each accidental death associated with a drug overdose in the state of Connecticut from 2012 to 2017. Deaths are grouped by age, race, ethnicity, and gender and by the types of drugs detected post-death.

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Accidental Drug Related Deaths reports totals and subtotals of deaths attributable to accidental drug overdoses by place of death as reported by the Connecticut Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Individual deaths are categorized according to the presence of specific substances and also according to the presence of an opioid substance.

The “Morphine (Not Heroin)” values are related to the differences between how Morphine and Heroin are metabolized and , therefore, detected in the toxicity results. Heroin metabolizes to 6-MAM which then metabolizes to morphine. 6-MAM is unique to heroin and has a short half-life (as does heroin itself). Thus, in some heroin deaths, the toxicity results will not indicate whether the morphine is from heroin or prescription morphine. In these cases, the Medical Examiner may be able to determine the cause based on the scene investigation (such as finding heroin needles). If they find prescription morphine at the scene it is certified as “Morphine (not heroin).” Therefore, the cause of death may indicate Morphine, but the Heroin or Morphine (Not Heroin) may not be indicated.

“Any Opioid” – If the Medical Examiner cannot conclude whether it’s RX Morphine or heroin based morphine in the toxicity results, that column may be checked.

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John Snow Labs; Office of the Chief Medical Examiner;

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Accidental Drug, Accidental Deaths, Accidental Drug Related Deaths, Drug Overdose, Substance Abuse, Morphine and Heroin, Accidental Drug Overdose

Other Titles

Deaths Due to Drugs, Connecticut Accidental Deaths, Accidental Drug Overdose

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Case_NumberUnique case number for the record.string-
DateDate of death due to drug use.date-
GenderGender of the person used drugs.string-
RaceRace of the person used drugs.string-
AgeAge of the person used drugs.integerlevel : Ratio
CityCity of the Residencestring-
State_AbbreviationState of the Residencestring-
CountyCounty of the Residencestring-
Death_CityCity where death occurredstring-
Death_CountyCounty where death occurredstring-
LocationLocation where death occurredstring-
Description_of_InjuryDetail description of the accidental injurystring-
Injury_PlacePlace of injurystring-
Immediate_CauseImmediate cause of deathstring-
Is_HeroinWas death occurred due to use of heroinboolean-
Is_CocaineWas death occurred due to use of cocaineboolean-
Is_FentanylWas death occurred due to use of fentanylboolean-
Is_OxycodoneWas death occurred due to use of oxycodoneboolean-
Is_OxymorphoneWas death occurred due to use of oxymorphoneboolean-
Is_EtOHWas death occurred due to use of EtOH. ETOH is an acronym for the term ethyl alcohol (ET-hyl alc-OH-ol)boolean-
Is_HydrocodoneWas death occurred due to use of hydrocodoneboolean-
Is_BenzodiazepineWas death occurred due to use of benzodiazepineboolean-
Is_MethadoneWas death occurred due to use of methadoneboolean-
Is_AmphetamineWas death occurred due to use of amphetboolean-
Is_TramadolWas death occurred due to use of tramadboolean-
Is_MorphineUse of Morphine (not heroin)boolean-
Is_HydromorphoneWas death occurred due to use of Hydromorphoneboolean-
OtherAny other drug used.string-
Is_OpiateNOSAny other opiate.boolean-
Is_Any_OpioidAny other opioid used.boolean-
Manner_of_DeathManner of death (Accident, Natural, Pending)string-
LatitudeLatitude location where death occurrednumber-
LongitudeLongitude location where death occurrednumber-

Data Preview

Case NumberDateGenderRaceAgeCityState AbbreviationCountyDeath CityDeath CountyLocationDescription of InjuryInjury PlaceImmediate CauseIs HeroinIs CocaineIs FentanylIs OxycodoneIs OxymorphoneIs EtOHIs HydrocodoneIs BenzodiazepineIs MethadoneIs AmphetamineIs TramadolIs MorphineIs HydromorphoneOtherIs OpiateNOSIs Any OpioidManner of DeathLatitudeLongitude
14-02732014-06-28substanceAcute fent, hydrocod, benzodiazepineTrueTrueTrueAccident41.575155-72.738288
13-01022013-03-21MaleBlack48.0NORWALKNORWALKFAIRFIELDHospitalCocaine IntoxicationTrueAccident
16-01652016-03-13FemaleWhite30.0SANDY HOOKCTFAIRFIELDDANBURYHospitalSubstance AbuseUnknownAcute Heroin and Cocaine IntoxicationTrueTrueTrueAccident41.393665999999996-73.451539
16-02082016-03-31MaleWhite23.0RYENYWESTCHESTERGREENWICHHospitalsubstance abuseResidenceAcute Fentanyl and Morphine IntoxicationTrueTrueTrueAccident41.026526000000004-73.62854899999999
13-00522013-02-13MaleAsian, Other22.0FLUSHINGQUEENSGREENWICHFAIRFIELDHospitalTransdermal AbsorptionOtherFentanyl IntoxicationTrueAccident41.026526000000004-73.62854899999999
14-02772014-06-29MaleWhite23.0BRISTOLBRISTOLHARTFORDResidenceInhalationResidenceHeroin IntoxicationTrueAccident41.673037-72.945791
12-02052012-08-12FemaleWhite21.0WEST HARTFORDHARTFORDWEST HARTFORDHARTFORDResidenceUsed HeroinResidenceHeroin ToxicityTrueAccident41.762008-72.741807
13-04042013-11-10FemaleWhite40.0HAMDENNEW HAVENNEW HAVENNEW HAVENHospitalComplications of Cocaine IntoxicationTrueAccident41.308252-72.924161
12-01072012-04-25MaleWhite40.0EAST HARTFORDHARTFORDEAST HARTFORDHARTFORDResidenceUsed HeroinResidenceHeroin ToxicityTrueAccident41.769319-72.643785
13-01612013-05-15MaleWhite50.0MONTVILLENEW LONDONMONTVILLENEW LONDONResidenceIngestionResidenceOxycodone IntoxicationTrueAccident