Annual Survey Tax Collections by State 2016

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This dataset contains the Annual Survey of State Government Tax Collections (STC) that provides a summary of taxes collected by state for 5 broad tax categories and up to 25 tax subcategories.

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The Annual Survey of State Government Tax Collections (STC) provides a summary of taxes collected by the fifty state governments, as well as all dependent state-level governmental entities, for 5 broad tax categories and up to 25 tax subcategories. The dataset files produced, present the details on tax collections by type of tax imposed and collected by state governments.

While the data records are ultimately from state government sources, the classification of taxes among the different categories is entirely the responsibility of the Census Bureau. Therefore, tax classification might not reflect the actual classification or presentation as requested by the various state government respondents.

– Legal Authority and Confidentiality

Title 13, United States Code, Sections 161 and 182, authorizes the Census Bureau to conduct this collection and to request voluntary assistance. These data are subject to provisions of Title 13, United States Code, Section 9(b) exempting data that are customarily provided in public records from rules of confidentiality.

– Primary Customers and Users

The U.S. Congress, federal agencies, state and local governments, educational and research organizations, and the general public utilize these data for the following purposes: development of gross domestic product estimates, development of the national income and product accounts, and tax policy research.

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Annual Survey of State Government Tax Collections, Annual Survey Tax Collections Detail 2016

StateState Name for which the survey is conducted for tax collectionstring-
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Tax_Amount_In_DollarsTotal amount in dollars after calculating the tax rate.number-
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