Beef Trade Long Term Projections 2016

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This dataset shows the long-run projections (Beef Trade) for the US agricultural sector to 2025 includes assumptions for the US and international macroeconomic conditions and projections for major commodities, farm income, and U.S. agricultural trade value. Values are from the publication United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Projections to 2025, February 2016.


United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) long-term agricultural projections presented in this report are a departmental consensus on a long run scenario for the agricultural sector. These projections provide a starting point for discussion of alternative outcomes for the sector. The projections in this report were prepared during October through December 2015, with the Agricultural Act of 2014 assumed to remain in effect through the projection period. The scenario presented in this report is not a USDA forecast about the future. Instead, it is a conditional, long run scenario about what would be expected to happen under a continuation of current farm legislation and other specific assumptions.

Critical long-term assumptions are made for the US and international macroeconomic conditions, US and foreign agricultural and trade policies, and growth rates of agricultural productivity in the United States and abroad. The report assumes that there are no domestic or external shocks that would affect global agricultural supply and demand. Normal weather is assumed. Changes in any of these assumptions can significantly affect the projections, and actual conditions that emerge will alter the outcomes. The report uses as a starting point the short-term projections from the November 2015 World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report. The macroeconomic assumptions were completed in October 2015.

The projections analysis was conducted by interagency committees in USDA and reflect a composite of model results and judgment-based analyses. The Economic Research Service had the lead role in preparing the departmental report. The projections and the report were reviewed and cleared by the Interagency Agricultural Projections Committee, chaired by the World Agricultural Outlook Board. USDA participants in the projections analysis and review include the World Agricultural Outlook Board; the Economic Research Service; the Farm Service Agency; the Foreign Agricultural Service; the Agricultural Marketing Service; the Office of the Chief Economist; the Office of Budget and Program Analysis; the Risk Management Agency; the Natural Resources Conservation Service; and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

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2016-02-01 to 2017-01-01

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United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Release 2016.


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Beef Trade Projection, Agricultural Beef Trade 2016

CountryExporters and Importers country liststring-
ItemBeef Trade list regarding plantation, harvesting, usage, prices and exportsstring-
Year_2014Forecasted Beef Trade for year 2014integerlevel : Ratio
Year_2015Forecasted Beef Trade for year 2015integerlevel : Ratio
Year_2016Forecasted Beef Trade for year 2016integerlevel : Ratio
Year_2017Forecasted Beef Trade for year 2017integerlevel : Ratio
Year_2018Forecasted Beef Trade for year 2018integerlevel : Ratio
Year_2019Forecasted Beef Trade for year 2019integerlevel : Ratio
Year_2020Forecasted Beef Trade for year 2020integerlevel : Ratio
Year_2021Forecasted Beef Trade for year 2021integerlevel : Ratio
Year_2022Forecasted Beef Trade for year 2022integerlevel : Ratio
Year_2023Forecasted Beef Trade for year 2023integerlevel : Ratio
Year_2024Forecasted Beef Trade for year 2024integerlevel : Ratio
Year_2025Forecasted Beef Trade for year 2025integerlevel : Ratio
Major importers716371287449767678608024821284148626883190119200
Major exporters8642812684468771909793679601979610022102601050310754
JapanImporters, thousand metric tons, carcass weight739740741742742743744745746747749750
EgyptImporters, thousand metric tons, carcass weight270270285320331348360375392406420434
TaiwanImporters, thousand metric tons, carcass weight138130123131135138141144147150152155
RussiaImporters, thousand metric tons, carcass weight929700892878864850836823810797784771
MexicoImporters, thousand metric tons, carcass weight206165165152159162177185198208218224
CanadaImporters, thousand metric tons, carcass weight284290295301302298296296298301303303
CanadaExporters, thousand metric tons, carcass weight378375374383393395400400407411419429
Hong KongImporters, thousand metric tons, carcass weight646450500539570590621652684717745773
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