Electric Consumption And Cost 2010 to 2019

$716 / year

This Dataset contains the monthly consumption and cost data by borough and development from 2010 to 2019. The dataset also includes utility vendor and meter information.


In 2016, for the first time, New York obtained more than 1 million megawatt hours of electricity from solar generation, and 84% of that power came from distributed sources such as rooftop solar panels.

New York obtained 24% of its electricity from renewable sources in 2016; the state’s Reforming the Energy Vision plan aims to raise the renewable contribution to 50% by 2030.

The 2.4-gigawatt Robert Moses Niagara hydroelectric power plant is the fourth-largest hydroelectric power plant in the United States. In 2016, New York produced more hydroelectric power than any other state east of the Rocky Mountains.

Nearly half of New York’s electricity-generating units can burn either fuel oil or natural gas, and state regulators require them to be ready to switch to fuel oil if the natural gas supply is constrained.

To curb air pollution, in 2012 New York became the first northeastern state to require that all heating oil be ultra-low sulfur diesel.

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2010 - 2019

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New York City, United States


John Snow Labs; Data City of New York;

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Electric Consumption, Electric Cost, Electricity Rates, Electricity Prices, Energy Consumption

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Monthly Electric Consumption and Cost, Electric Meter Information, Energy Consumption And Cost 2010 to 2019

Development_NameName of the Developmentstring-
BoroughBorough Namestring-
Account_NameName of Accountstring-
LocationBuilding number. In order to run an analysis by building, you can use a combination of TDS and building number which gives a unique identifier for each building.string-
Automatic_Meter_ReaderIs the meter Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), Interval or none.string-
Meter_ScopeThe buildings or areas the account and meter supplystring-
Tenent_Data_SystemTDS (Tenant Data System) number is the unique identifier for all NCYHA developments. It is recommended to use it in order to run analysis by development. The TDS is also the unique link between NYCHA data sets.integerlevel : Nominal
Electronic_Data_ProcessingNYCHA Electronic Data Processing. Number used to identify individual NYCHA developments. EDP is used by NYCHA only to link data issued from a different system (the energy management system that was used by NYCHA before 2010). It is recommended to use the TDS # as a unique identifier of each development.integerlevel : Nominal
Response_CodeNYCHA budget responsibility code. Code representing a specific development.string-
Funding_SourceThe development’s funding source including Federal, Mixed Finance, or an indication that the facility is a non development facility which means a non residential facility.string-
Asset_Management_Project_NumberAbbreviation for Asset Management Project (AMP) numbers. HUD Development asset tracking number. An AMP number can consist of more than one development.string-
Vendor_NameUtility vendor name.string-
UMIS_BILL_IDUtility Management Interface Bill Identityintegerlevel : Nominal
Revenue_MonthYear and month of bill: 2016datetime-
Service_Start_DateBill start datedate-
Service_End_DateBill end datedate-
Number_of_DaysNumber of days on billintegerlevel : Nominal
Meter_NumberMeter Numberstring-
Is_Estimated_ReadingMeter was not read for the time period. The consumption and cost are estimated. (Data is updated with actual reads once the meter is read)boolean-
Current_ChargesCurrent charges of the charged billstring-
Rate_ClassThe rate applied to the account. Details about each rate (dollar value) are available on the vendor web site.string-
Bill_AnalyzedThe bill was analyzed for billing errors by (New York City Housing Authority)NYCHA's Utility Management system during the billing period.string-
Consumption_KWHTotal KWH consumptionintegerlevel : Nominal
KWH_ChargesTotal KWH chargesstring-
Consumption_KWTotal KW consumptionnumberlevel : Ratio
KW_ChargesTotal KW chargesstring-
Other_ChargesAny other charges included in billstring-
Development NameBoroughAccount NameLocationAutomatic Meter ReaderMeter ScopeTenent Data SystemElectronic Data ProcessingResponse CodeFunding SourceAsset Management Project NumberVendor NameUMIS BILL IDRevenue MonthService Start DateService End DateNumber of DaysMeter NumberIs Estimated ReadingCurrent ChargesRate ClassBill AnalyzedConsumption KWHKWH ChargesConsumption KWKW ChargesOther Charges
OCEAN BAY APARTMENTS (OCEANSIDE)QUEENSOCEAN BAY APARTMENTS (OCEANSIDE)BLD 05BLD 0551573Q005100FEDERALNY005010980PPSEG Long Island76496072019-03-01T00:00:002019-02-252019-03-252896747235False4162.7281-Sec Com Large Gen UseYes28160.02659.2865.5901.1602.32
OCEAN BAY APARTMENTS (OCEANSIDE)QUEENSOCEAN BAY APARTMENTS (OCEANSIDE)BLD 04BLD 0451573Q005100FEDERALNY005010980PPSEG Long Island76495952019-03-01T00:00:002019-02-252019-03-252896750210False5430.13281-Sec Com Large Gen UseYes68480.03633.8573.01004.28792.0
TAPSCOTT STREET REHABBROOKLYNTAPSCOTT STREET REHABBLD 02AMR354775K035400FEDERALNY005011670PNEW YORK POWER AUTHORITY77084992019-03-01T00:00:002019-02-252019-03-26297754374False0.02GOV/NYC/062Exception0.02
BEACH 41ST STREET-BEACH CHANNEL DRIVEQUEENSBEACH 41ST STREET-BEACH CHANNEL DRIVEBLD 03BLD 03165282Q016500FEDERALNY005001650PPSEG Long Island76494522019-03-01T00:00:002019-02-252019-03-252880340658False18884.04285-Prim Com Large Mult PerYes140800.015853.41278.91673.771356.86
OCEAN BAY APARTMENTS (OCEANSIDE)QUEENSOCEAN BAY APARTMENTS (OCEANSIDE)BLD 01BLD 0151573Q005100FEDERALNY005010980PPSEG Long Island76494842019-03-01T00:00:002019-02-212019-03-222996749508True4439.87281-Sec Com Large Gen UseYes30640.02921.9661.0869.17648.74
BEACH 41ST STREET-BEACH CHANNEL DRIVEQUEENSBEACH 41ST STREET-BEACH CHANNEL DRIVEBLD 04BLD 04165282Q016500FEDERALNY005001650PPSEG Long Island76494702019-03-01T00:00:002019-02-252019-03-252880340655False7211.87285-Prim Com Large Mult PerYes51840.05836.64109.0654.15721.08
CARLETON MANORQUEENSCARLETON MANORBLD 01BLD 01164270Q016400FEDERALNY005010750PPSEG Long Island76493152019-03-01T00:00:002019-02-212019-03-212896973681True11669.91284-Sec Com Large Multiple PerYes90880.09897.97161.0785.89986.05
BEACH 41ST STREET-BEACH CHANNEL DRIVEQUEENSBEACH 41ST STREET-BEACH CHANNEL DRIVEBLD 01BLD 01165282Q016500FEDERALNY005001650PPSEG Long Island76494152019-03-01T00:00:002019-02-252019-03-252880340657False15615.02285-Prim Com Large Mult PerYes115040.012949.7248.31490.131175.19
OCEAN BAY APARTMENTS (OCEANSIDE)QUEENSOCEAN BAY APARTMENTS (OCEANSIDE)BLD 02BLD 0251573Q005100FEDERALNY005010980PPSEG Long Island76495462019-03-01T00:00:002019-02-252019-03-252896737637False3726.24281-Sec Com Large Gen UseYes25040.02364.6559.5818.56543.03
EAST 180TH STREET-MONTEREY AVENUEBRONXEAST 180TH STREET-MONTEREY AVENUEBLD 01AMR208323B020800FEDERALNY005012270PNEW YORK POWER AUTHORITY77078512019-03-01T00:00:002019-02-252019-03-26298184991True280.17GOV/NYC/069Yes2700.0103.52176.65