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Hospice Compare Data Package

$159 / YEAR

This data package consists of information over characteristics of the hospice agencies as well as a list of hospice agencies with data on the quality of patient care measures shown on Hospice Compare. It also includes a list of Regional Office (RO) and State coordinators, and the Continuous Activity Scheduling Planning Execution and Replanning (CASPER)/Automated Scheduling and Planning Environment (ASPEN) information about hospice agencies.

Useful for doctors, medical health planners, patients, medical research groups and medical students.; Hospice Compare database is available on Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website in raw form, whereas a JSL customer gets it in clean and normalized form ready to use and create his own custom reports.; Easy to comprehend for the customers who are unfamiliar with the medical terminologies as all abbreviated terms are replaced with full form,  Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services original datasets which are full of abbreviations.
Update Frequency: Unknown
Data Complexity: Simple
Number of Datasets: 2
1. Hospice Agencies General Information ($79)
2. Hospice Provider Data ($79)