Inpatient Revenue Code Crosswalk

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This dataset includes the Inpatient Revenue Code Crosswalk To Suggested Cost Centers for year 2017. Revenue Codes are descriptions and dollar amounts charged for hospital services provided to a patient. The revenue code tells an insurance company whether the procedure was performed in the emergency room, operating room or another department.


Medical coding and billing is a complex procedure. That’s where Revenue Codes come into play to help make the whole process smoother and universal.

Hospitals run on three sets of universal codes:

– ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases)– for diagnoses
– CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) – for procedures
– HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System) – for medical goods and services.

These codes are located in various places on the UB-04 forms (bill form used by Hospitals and other providers), the purpose of Revenue Codes, however, is to group similar types of charges onto one line in the form.

If a revenue code is attached to a supply code, it identifies the equipment and whether the equipment was used in the hospital or taken home by a patient. This is important because many of the procedures done in the hospital may be done in different areas. For example, stitches may be given to a patient in the emergency room, or in a completely different area of the hospital like the maternity ward. Depending on where the procedure was done the price for the procedure can be drastically different. There is a tremendous role seen in the Revenue Codes for the revenue cycle of a hospital.

A valid procedure code must be accompanied by a revenue code for it to be accepted by the insurance provider. There are 81 fields on the UB-04 and the Revenue Codes are located by field 42-49 (FL42-49). The Revenue Codes were developed for the Medicare system but were soon adopted as the standard for hospitals.

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Inpatient Revenue Code Crosswalk To Suggested Cost Centers 2017, Revenue Codes Data for Inpatient, Inpatient Revenue Code Crosswalk To Suggested Cost Centers

Revenue_CodeValid revenue center codestring-
Revenue_Code_DescriptionComplete Revenue Code Description Crosswalk (According to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS))string-
Cost_Center_CodeCost Center Code (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) 2552-10)integerlevel : Nominal
Cost_Center_DescriptionDescription of the Cost Centerstring-
CommentAny Additional Comments for Codestring-
Non_Allowed_Per_WisconsinNon Allowed Per Wisconsin Forward Health Online Handbookstring-
0350CT Scan54CT Scan
0024IRF PPS999Excluded
0179Other Nursery43Nursery
0351CT Scan: Head54CT Scan
0352CT Scan: Body54CT Scan
0171Newborn-Level I43Nursery