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  • Comensura Expenditure
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LBB Comensura Expenditure 2018-2019

The dataset contains the LBB (London Borough of Barnet) Comensura Expenditure for the year 2018 and 2019.

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The Comensura Expenditure report breaks down the items which appear as ‘Various’ within the expenditure report specifically for Comensura. Council expenditure is published as part of a drive to improve openness and transparency.

Comensura has successfully worked with local, state and federal government and the wider public and not-for-profit sector since 2001.

Comensura works with over 100 such organizations and is firmly established as the number one supplier for neutral vendor managed service provision of temporary and interim labor and consultancy. The efficiency and savings that are delivered especially relevant in today’s climate of austerity measures and uncertain economic conditions. With local authorities and government departments being asked to provide services while being even more cost-efficient, managing the supply of labor more effectively is essential.

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United Kingdom


John Snow Labs; London Borough of Barnet;

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Comensura Expenditure, Council Expenditure, Finance, Comensura Spending, Comensura Expense Amount, Comensura Payments

Other Titles

Comensura Expenditure 2018, LBB Comensura Expenses

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Delivery_UnitName of the units which deliver comensura expenditurestring-
DirectorateName of the directoratestring-
Account_Code_DescriptionDescription of the account code for delivering comensura expenditurestring-
Expenditure_AmountAmount expended on the comensura for year 2018 and 2019string-
Payment_DateDate when the payment was madedate-

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