Street Sweeping Schedule 2018

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This dataset contains the Chicago street sweeping schedule by ward and ward section number for the year 2018.


Chicago utilizes mechanical street sweepers to remove debris and litter from streets, so residents need to be aware of the schedule of sweeping.

From April 1st through mid-November, bright orange temporary parking restrictions are posted the day before sweeping service is scheduled to begin on any street to ensure curb-to-curb cleaning. Some arterial streets have permanently posted signs that specify a once-per-week period when parking is prohibited for street sweeping. Street Sweepers remove debris from the streets and prevent it from entering the storm drains. Street sweeping also helps the City comply with state and federal stormwater quality requirements. The City sweeps approximately 14,000 curb miles a year and removes approximately 10,000 tons of debris each year.

Persons needing more than one day notice of street cleaning should contact their local ward sanitation office. Street sweeping requests should be made to city’s request line at 3-1-1 or click on the button below to make your request.

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Chicago, United States


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Department of Streets and Sanitation (DSS), Street Sweeper, Street Cleaning, Street Sweeping, Chicago Street Sweeping, Sanitation in Chicago

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Chicago Street Sweeping Program, Sweeping Schedule in Chicago, Street Cleaning Schedule in Chicago, Sanitation and Waste Reduction in Chicago

Ward_Section_ConcatenatedThe ward and section number (in Chicago) together in a chain or series.integerlevel : Nominal
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