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Spark NLP Training

Training & Certification FAQ


We offer two training courses. Both are designed to teach hands-on data scientists to use Spark NLP:

  • "Spark NLP for Data Scientists” focuses on the open-source library
  • "Spark NLP for Healthcare Data Scientists” focuses on Spark NLP for Healthcare

Training courses are done online, with a live instructor.

Each training course is two days long. Each day includes four hours of live lectures and code walkthroughs.

Training courses are taught by a senior data scientist who is an active committer to Spark NLP who applies it in real-world projects on a day-to-day basis.

Of course. Live Q&A is encouraged and the instructor is also available to questions afterward.

We assume that you are a Python developer, know how to use its data science libararies, and are familiar with the basics of machine learning. Experience with Apache Spark is helpful but not required.

Yes. We can arrange courses to be done in person at your offices, and be customized to your specific use cases, programming language, or datasets.


We currently offer two certifications, each matches the training course of the same name:

  • “Certified Spark NLP Data Scientist” focuses on the open source Spark NLP library
  • “Certified Spark NLP for Healthcare Data Scientists” focuses on the healthcare library

Register for the next certification exam – there's one every quarter – and pass it!

Each training course is designed to help you prepare for one certification. You can register for a training & certification combo, or choose to register for just the exam.

You have 9 days to start the exam from the day it opens (right at the end of a training course). Once you start the exam, you have 90 minutes to finish it.

An official digital certificate from John Snow Labs that includes your name, the type of certification, and the date in which you earned it.

Forever. Remember though that employers who see a 2-year-old certification will likely ask you how you’ve been keeping your skills up to date.

At this time, we only offer training & certification for hands-on data scientists.


30 multiple-choice questions about Spark NLP features, code, models, and best practices.

It’s an online exam.


From the moment you start the exam, you have 90 minutes to complete it.


It’s a multiple-choice exam so it’s graded automatically by counting the correct answers.

After you’ve completed the exam, expect to get an email from us within 1-2 business days with the result – and your certificate if you passed.

You’re welcome to try again, at least 3 months later.

A desktop or laptop computer with a good Internet connection and a modern browser.

Not currently.

Download and run Spark NLP, run the Python notebooks relevant to the certification you’re taking, and read the documentation. The training courses are intended to prepare data scientists for the certification exam as well.


Registration is done through Eventbrite which accepts PayPal and all major credit cards.

Of course. You can download a receipt at the end of the checkout process.

Yes, but your company will have to pay it using the online form before the training starts. We do not currently support alternative payment methods or terms.

Yes! Please email us to describe your situation and needs.