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Spark OCR Blog

State-of-the-Art Visual Document Understanding and Form Understanding.

Stepping Up Information Extraction Capabilities for Virginia Tech with Spark OCR

John Snow Labs is well known for helping healthcare and life science companies build, deploy, and operate AI products and services with its Spark NLP, one of the most widely...

Accurate Table Extraction from Documents & Images with Spark OCR

Extracting data formatted as a table (tabular data) is a common task — whether you’re analyzing financial statements, academic research papers, or clinical trial documentation. Table-based information varies heavily in...

New Spark OCR 3.12: Handwritten Text Recognition and Spark 3.2 support

This release comes with new models for Handwritten Text Recognition, Spark 3.2 support, bug fixes, and notebook examples.   Added to the ImageTextDetectorV2 New parameter 'mergeIntersects': merge bounding boxes corresponding...

End-to-End No-Code Development of Visual NER Models for PDFs and Images

This video shows how available Visual NER models can be used for predictions, how data can be corrected and how visual models can be finetuned with Annotation Lab.

Visual NLP – Combining Computer Vision and Text Mining for Intelligent Document Processing

Many businesses depend on paper documents or documents stored as images, such as receipts, manifests, invoices, medical reports, contracts, waivers, leases, forms, and audit records digitized with scanners. Up until...