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State-Of-The-Art Applied Artificial Intelligence Defined

Over the past four years, I’ve participated in the technical due diligence of nearly twenty companies claiming some proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) “secret sauce.” After evaluating them, the results were split evenly between smoke and mirrors, on their way there in a year or two and those with a sound application of machine learning.

Every company affirmed that its artificial intelligence (AI) was next-generation, world-class, cutting edge, breakthrough, enterprise-grade, market-leading or some other gobbledygook. Given the uniform distribution of actual AI capabilities, it’s no wonder that the average technology buyer has little trust in such assertions. My dataset, although small, suggests they should.

3 NLP Trends Prime for Improvement in the New Year

In this special guest feature, David Talby, CTO, John Snow Labs, discusses how the new year is expected to be another pivotal one...