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Therapy Specific Outcomes – Rheumatology Insights using NLP

The Therapy Specific Outcomes Coalition (TSOC) is a collaboration between Loopback Analytics, Acentrus Specialty, and academic medical centers (AMC) who aim to develop real-world evidence that supports best practices for managing patients with rare, chronic and complex disease states. The Coalition builds consensus on the most important outcomes that demonstrate success for patients who are managed with high-cost specialty therapies used to treat these rare diseases.

In this presentation, we focus specifically on the NLP methodology to develop structured outcomes from clinical notes in the Rheumatology patient population… John Snow Labs pretrained models were utilized to extract patient-reported pain scores, results of pain assessments, and joint pain locations to determine the efficacy of rheumatology therapies over time.

This session will also discuss the challenges faced in implementing this solution, lessons learned, and how this automated process benefits AMCs.

Artificial Intelligence for Pharmacovigilance Processing – What is Possible Today

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