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Towards better conversational AI: the importance of open source and conversation-driven development

Developing good conversational AI assistants goes beyond picking the right tools and building the best machine learning models.

The biggest challenge lies far beyond that – it’s impossible to anticipate all the things your users might say when interacting with your assistant. That’s why you should always keep a close look at the conversations real users have with your assistant – they are the best data points out there to learn about what kind of things your users need and how they want to use your assistant.

In this talk, Justina will talk about how you can build your own conversational AI using Rasa’s open-source machine learning framework and why leveraging Conversation Driven Design (CDD) is crucial for building assistants that scale.

Automated de-identification of medical documents & images

One kind of noisy data that healthcare data scientists deal with is scanned documents and images: from PDF attachments of lab results,...