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“Updating the Master Provider Index is a ten-minute process with John Snow Labs. We’ve dramatically accelerated a process that used to be two days of work.”
Claudiu Branzan, Principal Software Engineer at Atigeo 

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Data scientists spend the bulk of their time on their least favorite task:
data cleaning and preparing data for analysis.


Why It’s Hard

Domain Expertise

Public & proprietary datasets are spread across many catalogs, not all online, so finding the right dataset is time-consuming

Data Engineering

Formatting, optimizing and loading data into your big data or data science platform of choice requires substantial effort

Data Evolution

Datasets are updated on different schedules, creating an operational burden to keep them up to date

Privacy & Compliance

Datasets have different owners, so complying with multiple licenses, attribution & reporting terms is an ongoing burden

Data Quality

Each dataset has different errors, missing values, outliers, gaps, flurries, biases, typos – requiring substantial manual effort to clean

Data Integration

Datasets from different sources give different meaning & assumptions to similarly named concepts, making joins semantically wrong


We give you turnkey data for analysis already tested, optimized and customized in a ready to use format for your big data, data science or visualization platform.

Curated By Experts

Every dataset is selected, cleaned, enriched & documented by a domain expert

Big Data Optimized

Out of the box optimized data formats for R, Python, SAS, Hadoop, Spark, SQL & BI tools.

Always Up To Date

Daily updates. Get automatic, versioned, clean & tested updates as they happen

Compliance Piece Of Mind

All data is under one license with royalty free, commercial redistribution rights

Rigorous Quality

Datasets are triple checked – automatically and manually, to make sure that they are error-free and ready for production use

Clean & Interoperable

Unified and standards based data model – including numbers, dates, units, currency, null values, identifiers & references

Data Library


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Healthcare Library


Billing, Census, Cost, Payments, Population Health, Providers, Outcomes, Guidelines, Measures, Terminology, Hospitals, Physicians

Life Sciences

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Life Sciences Library


Drug Ingredients, Drug Pricing, Drug Safety, Medical Devices, Food, Genomics, Research

Threat intelligence

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Cyber & Threat Intelligence Library


Anonymous Proxy, DNS, Spam, Dynamic DNS, Malware, Phishing, SSL, TOR, GEO2IP

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Focus on data science, and leave data operations to us. We take care of updates, integration, compliance and support you.

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I want to predict patients at risk for chronic kidney disease
I want to auto-recommend diets that match patients' treatment plan
I want to automatically generate ICD-10 codes from clinical notes
I want to monitor and alert on shifts in drug pricing & shortages

Data Visualisation Map created with
our dataset Medical Devices Establishments. Read more

Accelerating Data Driven Progress

Taking on Data Operations so Data Science Heroes can do Science

“The datasets were really clean, easy to access and easy to use. It was a joy to be able to use the data provided.”

Eric Rothman, Co-Founder Threat Sync

“Many people told me the datasets were great and very easy to use. We would love to continue partnering with you for future events!”

Jason Yim, HopHacks Organizer

Fair & Square

Datasets are licensed as an annual subscription that comes with unlimited updates and expert support. Here are some of popular features of our business friendly license.

Full Download

Load the full datasets into your database or analytics platform

Keep It Forever

Ending a subscription? Keep the data and rights you already have

Royalty Free

Deploy the data as part of your commercial product

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