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The Story
of John Snow

Dr. John Snow was a physician in London during the reign of Queen Victoria.

In 1854, he played a key role in stopping a cholera outbreak which had killed hundreds of people within a few weeks.

Ah, so it’s not that other John Snow you’re named after.

Dr. John Snow
John Snow map
The way he did it was by analyzing data.

John Snow built a detailed map of all the households where people died, and came to the conclusion that the fault was one public water pump that all the victims had used.

Back than as today, collecting quality data was the hardest part.

The pump was taken out of service and the cholera outbreak ended.

However, the big insight wasn’t the pump but the fact that cholera was a waterborne disease.

This was a new discovery at the time.

Today we call this “data mining for actionable insights”.

Cholera, John Snow
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Two centuries later, we continue that legacy as an award-winning healthcare AI company

working to help today’s John Snows succeed. We work behind the scenes so that they can discover and heal faster.

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