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Medical Large Language Models

Healthcare-specific question answering, summarization, synthetic data generation, and a medical chat LLMs, powered by a medical knowledge base updated daily.

State of the Art Clinical & Biomedical NLP

Peer-reviewed best accuracy for the most common information extraction tasks from medical documents.

State of the Art Visual Document Understanding

Out-of-the-box information extraction from images, forms, tables, and scanned documents.

The No-Code Enterprise-Grade NLP Platform

Annotate text & images, train & tune AI models, build on rules & prompts, manage projects & teams, and share models in a private hub.

We bring you to the forefront of AI innovation in Healthcare

2023 Trends in Applied NLP in Healthcare: Large Language Models, No-Code, and Responsible AI

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Large Language Models in Healthcare: Benchmarks, Applications, and Compliance

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Advancing the patient and provider experience with Enterprise AI

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Beyond Accuracy: Automated De-Identification of Large Real-World Clinical Text Datasets

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Deeper Clinical Document Understanding Using Relation Extraction

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Applying Responsible AI with Open-Source Tools

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