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Software and analytics projects depend on many datasets. Making data ready for analysis takes a lot of time and effort – 50-80% of data scientists’ time, by recent accounts. Datasets are updated on different schedules, so taking care of updates is a hassle. They have different owners, so compliance with multiple license types is an ongoing burden. On top of that, public and proprietary datasets are spread across many catalogs, not all online, so finding the right dataset is a challenge by itself.

We give you turnkey data for analysis. Save months to build a clean, useable data library. Save time and improve accuracy by always having all data up to date. Call on our experts to find, acquire or generate hard-to-find datasets. Receive data in the format that tested & optimized for your big data, data science or visualization platform. Reduce duplicate internal effort by providing your team with a shared data library. Enjoy compliance piece of mind, since that’s part of the included support package.

Talk to our experts if you need help looking for and acquiring hard-to-find datasets in the format you need.  These datasets are tested, optimised and customised for your big data, data science or visualisation platform needs.

Our Data Library

Healthcare Providers

Cost & Utilization

Drugs & Pharma

Clinical Guidelines

Chemistry & Labs

Healthcare Payments


Billing & Coding

Medical Terminology


Clinical Quality

Clinical Trials

Population Health

Biological Ontologies


Masters of Inter-Operability

Open Data & Metadata Standards We Apply

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