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Building Healthcare NLP & LLM Application

In-person Workshop & Certification
  • Basel Marriott Hotel, Messeplatz 25, CH-4058 Basel, Switzerland

  • Monday, October 2nd, 2023, 9:00am to 5:00pm

  • Cost: 200 CHF

Hands-on Training & Certification for Data Scientists on John Snow Labs’ Medical NLP & LLM libraries and models

Event Description

This full-day, in-person, hands-on workshop for practicing data scientists will enable you the use core capabilities of John Snow Labs’ Medical NLP & LLM software. You will run live Python notebooks that walk through clinical entity recognition, negation detection, relation extraction, entity resolution, de-identification, summarization, and question-answering.

The day includes an overview of current benchmarks, the state-of-the-art for common LLM & NLP tasks, and tuning your own models. An overview of the 2,000+ available models will be provided, including specialty-specific models (oncology, radiology, mental health) and models tuned for different types of medical text (clinical notes, biomedical research, voice of the patient).

This workshop is conducted by John Snow Labs’ Head of Data Science and includes meals, breaks, and networking time – so you’ll also have time to ask questions about your specific projects. Participants will also get access to the full set videos covering the material for the ‘Healthcare NLP for Data Scientists’ certification exam and a pass to take the exam and get certified.

Meet the Presenters

David Talby
Chief Technology Officer at John Snow Labs

David Talby is the Chief Technology Officer at John Snow Labs, helping companies apply artificial intelligence to solve real-world problems in healthcare and life science.

David is the creator of Spark NLP – the world’s most widely used natural language processing library in the enterprise. He has extensive experience building and running web-scale software platforms and teams – in startups, for Microsoft’s Bing in the US and Europe, and to scale Amazon’s financial systems in Seattle and the UK.

David holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Master’s degrees in both Computer Science and Business Administration. He was named USA CTO of the Year by the Global 100 Awards and Game Changers Awards in 2022.

Veysel Kocaman
Head of Data Science at John Snow Labs

Veysel is a Lead Data Scientist and ML Engineer at John Snow Labs, improving the Spark NLP for the Healthcare library and delivering hands-on projects in Healthcare and Life Science.

He is a seasoned data scientist with a strong background in every aspect of data science including machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data with over ten years of experience. He’s also pursuing his Ph.D. in ML at Leiden University, Netherlands, and delivers graduate-level lectures in ML and Distributed Data Processing.

Veysel has broad consulting experience in Statistics, Data Science, Software Architecture, DevOps, Machine Learning, and AI to several start-ups, boot camps, and companies around the globe.

The schedule

Registration and Setup
The Current State of the Art in Medical Language Models
Extracting Medical Entities, Relationships, and Codes from Clinical & Biomedical Text
Coffee Break
What’s in the Models Hub for Common Use Cases, Specialties, and Document Types?
Medical Text Summarization, Generation, and Question Answering
Automated De-Identification & Obfuscation of Medical Documents
Putting It All Together: The Medical Chatbot
Snacks and Networking

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