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Activities Data Package

This data package contains the entire concept structure (sematic type, concepts and replationship) of UMLS Metathesaurus for the biomedical domain “Activities”.

- he purpose of the UMLS is to improve the ability of computer programs to "understand" the biomedical meaning in user inquiries and to use this understanding to retrieve and integrate relevant machine-readable information for users. - One powerful use of the UMLS is linking health information, medical terms, drug names, and billing codes across different computer systems. - Linking terms and codes between your doctor, your pharmacy, and your insurance company. - Patient care coordination among several departments within a hospital. - Timely access to accurate and up-to-date information improves decision making and ultimately the quality of patient care and research. - The UMLS has many other uses, including search engine retrieval, data mining, public health statistics reporting, and terminology research.

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