Acute Hospital Outpatient Activity Cross Boundary Flow

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This dataset includes a list of locations for health board of treatment/residence hospital and council area and the number of attendances for outpatient activity for acute hospital care services. Cross boundary flow shows the relationship between where patients live and where they are treated.


The quarterly acute hospital activity publication provides data on outpatient activity, inpatient and day case activity and beds for National Health Service (NHS) Scotland. This data release covers the period from the quarter ending March 2013 to the quarter ending March 2018. The aim of this dataset is to summarize the completeness of the data used in the publication and provide details of known issues with national data affecting this release. The data used is sourced from hospital administrative systems across Scotland and extracted from the following three datasets held by Information Services Division (ISD):
– SMR01: The SMR01 dataset comprises episode-based patient records relating to all inpatients and day cases discharged from non-obstetric and non-psychiatric specialties
– SMR00: The SMR00 dataset contains patient-based information on appointments at outpatient clinics in all specialties (except A&E and Genito-Urinary Medicine) in NHS Scotland
– ISD(S)1: ISD(S)1 is the only source of bed occupancy and bed availability data and contains summarised data by NHS Board of Treatment, hospital and specialty

Cross boundary flow section allows to see where patients in each NHS Board are treated and where they come from. This data has been used to assess the performance of these services, to plan for future needs, to look at quality improvement, to see how services are changing over time and many other uses. There were just over 1 million (1,045,140) outpatient attendances from 1 January to 31 March 2018. Of these, 34 percent (356,257 attendances) were new cases. The remaining 66 percent (688,883 attendances) were patients returning for follow up appointments. 9 percent of new outpatient appointments were not attended without prior warning.

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1st October 2013 to 31st December 2018

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John Snow Labs; Information Services Division (ISD) Scotland;

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Scotland Hospital Care, Health Board of Treatment, Scotland Outpatient Activity, Scotland Outpatient Cross Boundary Flow, Scotland Outpatient Appointments, Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD), Scotland Outpatient Attendances

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Acute Hospital Care Performance Measures Comparison for Outpatient Activity, Hospitals' Quality of Care Comparison for Outpatient Cross Boundary Flow, Hospital Care Outpatient Appointments and Attendances

Health_Board_Treatment_Current_CodeIdentifies the health board of treatment code.string-
Health_Board_Treatment_NameIndicates the health board of treatment name.string-
Health_Board_Residence_Current_CodeIndicates the health board of residence code.string-
Health_Board_Residence_NameIndicates the health board of residence name.string-
Quarter_DateIndicates the final date of the
Quarter_CoverageIndicates the quarter period in text format.string-
AttendancesIndicates the number of attendances.integerlevel : Ratio
Is_Boundary_IndicatorIndicates whether the health board of treatment is the same as the health board of residence.boolean-
S08000029NHS FifeRA2701Other2013-12-31Oct - Dec-132true
S08000029NHS FifeRA2701Other2014-03-31Jan - Mar-141true
S08000029NHS FifeRA2701Other2014-06-30Apr - Jun-141true
S08000029NHS FifeRA2701Other2015-09-30Jul - Sep-151true
S08000029NHS FifeRA2701Other2016-06-30Apr - Jun-161true
S08000029NHS FifeRA2701Other2016-09-30Jul - Sep-161true
S08000029NHS FifeRA2701Other2017-06-30Apr - Jun-171true
S08000029NHS FifeRA2701Other2017-12-31Oct - Dec-171true
S08000029NHS FifeRA2701Other2018-09-30Jul - Sep-181true
S08000029NHS FifeRA2702Other2014-03-31Jan - Mar-146true