Attendances at Accident and Emergency Services in Scottish Hospitals

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This dataset provides information about statistics on attendances at Accident and Emergency (A&E) services across Scotland. The information includes trends in the number of attendances and performance against the 4-hour standard.


Scotland has some of the best health service data in the world. Few other countries have information which combines high-quality data, consistency, national coverage and the ability to link data to allow patient-based analysis and follow up. The Information Services Division (ISD) is a division of National Services Scotland, part of NHS Scotland. ISD provides health information, health intelligence, statistical services and advice that support the NHS in progressing quality improvement in health and care and facilitates robust planning and decision making.

Accident and Emergency waiting times and activity including performance against the 4-hour waiting time standard and the target to reduce attendances at Emergency Departments. The System Watch tool monitors and predicts activity and bed occupancy to support emergency healthcare service planning and management in NHS Scotland. The ongoing work to link unscheduled care data from different sources to form patient care pathways. Hospital admissions and deaths from unintentional injuries and assaults, sourced from hospital administrative systems across Scotland and the National Records of Scotland.

Data from Emergency Departments (EDs) and Minor Injuries Units (MIUs)/Other are used for several purposes including:
– Monitoring the 4-hour wait standard
– Information is used to monitor and plan for Winter Pressures
– Identifying the times of the year where activity increases
– Providing evidence to improve patient care and support Scottish Government policy

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John Snow Labs; Information Services Division (ISD), NHS National Services Scotland;

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Number of Attendances, Hospital Acute Specialties, Accident and Emergency Services, Health Intelligence, Emergency Healthcare Service, Scottish Government Policy, Hospital Administrative Systems, Accident and Emergency Waiting Times

Other Titles

Acute Hospital Care Performance Measure for Accident and Emergency Services, Number of Attendances at A&E Services in Scottish Hospitals, Accident and Emergency Services Across Scotland Against The 4 Hour Standard

Week_Ending_DateIndicates the weekly final
NHS_Board_CodeIt represents the code of the National Health Service (NHS) board name.string-
NHS_Board_NameIndicates the name of the National Health Service (NHS) board.string-
Location_CodeIndicates either the 5 digit hospital code; 9 digit health board or council code; or “scot” for Scotland.string-
Location_NameIndicates the name of the location.string-
AttendanceIndicates the number of attendances.integerlevel : Ratio
Number_Over_4_HoursIndicates the weekly attendances of patients spending over 4 hours in emergency hospital for NHS Scotland.integerlevel : Ratio
Percentage_Within_4_HoursIndicates the percentage of patients spending less than 4 hours in emergency hospital for NHS Scotland.numberlevel : Ratio
Number_Over_8_HoursIndicates the weekly attendances of patients spending over 8 hours in emergency hospital for NHS Scotland.integerlevel : Ratio
Percentage_Within_8_HoursIndicates the percentage of patients spending less than 8 hours in emergency hospital for NHS Scotland.numberlevel : Ratio
Number_Over_12_HoursIndicates the weekly attendances of patients spending over 12 hours in emergency hospital for NHS Scotland.integerlevel : Ratio
Percentage_Within_12_HoursIndicates the percentage of patients spending less than 12 hours in emergency hospital for NHS Scotland.numberlevel : Ratio
Data_SourceRepresents the data source from where the data is gathered.string-
Week Ending DateNHS Board CodeNHS Board NameLocation CodeLocation NameAttendanceNumber Over 4 HoursPercentage Within 4 HoursNumber Over 8 HoursPercentage Within 8 HoursNumber Over 12 HoursPercentage Within 12 HoursData Source
2015-02-22ANHS Ayrshire & ArranA210HUniversity Hospital Ayr81218976.72497.0399.6ISD A&E Datamart
2015-02-22ANHS Ayrshire & ArranA111HUniversity Hospital Crosshouse136425381.55096.31499.0ISD A&E Datamart
2015-02-22BNHS BordersB120HBorders General Hospital5245589.5199.80100.0ISD A&E Datamart
2015-02-22YNHS Dumfries & GallowayY146HDumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary6022695.70100.00100.0ISD A&E Datamart
2015-02-22YNHS Dumfries & GallowayY144HGalloway Community Hospital1991393.5199.50100.0ISD A&E Datamart
2015-02-22FNHS FifeF704HVictoria Hospital130216687.32498.2899.4ISD A&E Datamart
2015-02-22VNHS Forth ValleyV217HForth Valley Royal Hospital11054396.10100.00100.0ISD A&E Datamart
2015-02-22NNHS GrampianN101HAberdeen Royal Infirmary111716485.33696.8399.7ISD A&E Datamart
2015-02-22NNHS GrampianN411HDr Gray's Hospital4392594.3299.5199.8ISD A&E Datamart
2015-02-22NNHS GrampianN121HRoyal Aberdeen Children's Hospital327797.90100.00100.0ISD A&E Datamart