Bloomington Animal Care and Control Adopted Animals

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This dataset shows the animal care and control for adopted animals in the city of Bloomington. In early 2017, the Bloomington Animal Shelter migrated management software from AnimalShelterNet to Shelter Manager.

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A division of the Department of Public Works, Animal Care and Control operates the City of Bloomington Animal Shelter and is the primary provider of animal-related services for Bloomington. Bloomington Animal Care and Control’s mission is to address and respond to all animal needs in the community through education, enforcement and support in order to build a community where animals are valued and treated with kindness and respect.

Animal Control responds to calls that include:
– picking up stray and injured animals
– investigating cruelty and neglect charges
– taking bite reports and ensuring proper quarantine procedures are followed
– investigating calls regarding concerns about proper animal care
– sick or injured wildlife
– picking up dead animals that are in the public roadways

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Bloomington, Indiana


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Animal Adoption, Pet Adoption, Animal Shelter, Lost and Found Pets, Animal Permits, Lost Pets, Injured Animals, Animal Care and Control

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Animal Control Assistance, Picking Up Dead Animals, Bloomington Animal Care and Control

Identification_NumberA Unique identification number of saving animal record in softwareintegerlevel : Nominal
Intake_DateIntake Date of animaldatetime-
Intake_ReasonReason of animal intakestring-
Is_TransferWas the animal transferred to shelterboolean-
Shelter_CodeUnique code for shelterstring-
Identity_Chip_NumberIdentity chip number of shelterstring-
Animal_NameName of the animalstring-
Breed_NameBreed name of animalstring-
Base_ColorColor of the animalstring-
Species_NameName of the animal speciesstring-
Animal_AgeAge of the animalstring-
Animal_GenderGender of the animalstring-
LocationLocation where animal was taken care ofstring-
Movement_DateDate when animal was moved for caredatetime-
Movement_TypeType of animal movementstring-
Return_DateDate when animal was returneddatetime-
Returned_ReasonReason for returning animalstring-
Deceased_DateDate of the animal deathdatetime-
Deceased_ReasonReason for animal deathstring-
Is_Died_Off_ShelterWas the animal was died from off shelterboolean-
Is_Put_To_SleepWas the animal put to sleepboolean-
Is_Dead_on_ArrivalWas the animal dead when it has arrivedboolean-
477332017-03-24T00:00:00falseR17031740PeterRexChocolateRabbit1 year 5 months.MaleLobby2017-04-07T00:00:00AdoptionStrayDied in carefalsefalsefalse
589842018-03-17T14:02:03StrayfalseD1803273TarzanChihuahuaGreyDog5 weeks.MaleDog room A2018-03-20T00:00:00FosterStrayCourt Order/ Legalfalsefalsefalse
589862018-03-17T14:02:03StrayfalseD1803275TantorChihuahuaGreyDog5 weeks.MaleDog room A2018-03-20T00:00:00FosterStrayCourt Order/ Legalfalsefalsefalse
589872018-03-17T14:02:03StrayfalseD1803276TerkChihuahuaFawnDog5 weeks.FemaleDog room A2018-03-20T00:00:00FosterStrayCourt Order/ Legalfalsefalsefalse
562162017-06-16T13:44:42StrayfalseR1706507JajaRexWhiteRabbit1 year 8 months.MaleLobby2017-08-08T00:00:00TransferStrayCourt Order/ Legalfalsefalsefalse
581132017-11-20T10:53:17StrayfalseS1711259OddessyRedSnake1 year 3 months.UnknownOffice2017-11-29T00:00:00AdoptionStrayCourt Order/ Legalfalsefalsefalse
588842018-03-05T12:43:55StrayfalseD1803218DocBeagle/MixRedDog10 months.MaleDog room C2018-03-07T00:00:00ReclaimedStrayCourt Order/ Legalfalsefalsefalse
555542017-04-19T15:21:59StrayfalseD1704068RockyPitbullBlueDog11 years 10 months.MaleCheck-in2017-04-19T00:00:00ReclaimedStrayDied in carefalsefalsefalse
583812017-12-26T15:05:43AllergiesfalseR17121646TyFancyBlackRat1 year 2 months.MaleLobby2017-12-28T00:00:00AdoptionStrayCourt Order/ Legalfalsefalsefalse
568732017-08-01T15:09:10MovingfalseR1708883OreoFancyBlackRat3 years 7 months.FemaleLobby2017-08-03T00:00:00AdoptionStrayCourt Order/ Legalfalsefalsefalse
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