Calderdale Public Food Register

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This dataset contains details of all Calderdale establishments registered to sell food including name, address, ward and type.

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Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council requires either the registration or approval of all food businesses. To store, prepare, distribute or sell food, one needs to be registered as a food business with the local authority. However, food business may require premises approval instead of registration if products of animal origin (meat, fish, dairy or eggs) are produced and supplied to other food business establishments. Such premises must not operate until approval has been granted.

The main purpose of the registration process is to let Local Authorities know where premises are and what type of business is being operated. In this way, they can ensure that every premise receives an inspection and resources can be allocated and targeted in the appropriate areas. It is to be noted that some details of food premises registrations are held on a Public Register which is available at council offices. This dataset shows details of the premises that are included in the Public Register for the whole of Calderdale.

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2017-01 to 2018-01

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Calderdale, West Yorkshire, England


John Snow Labs; Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council;

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Food Business Registration, Food Registration, Food Business, Food Register, Food Truck UK

Other Titles

Calderdale Food Premises Public Register, Registration of a Food Business Establishment in Calderdale

DateDate of registrationdaterequired : 1
NameName of food establishmentstring-
Address1Address (first line) of the food establishmentstring-
Address2Address (second line) of the food establishmentstring-
Address3Address (third line) of the food establishmentstring-
TownTown in which the food establishment is locatedstring-
Postal_CodeFood establishment postal codestring-
WardWard of food establishmentstring-
TypeType of food establishmentstring-
2018-01-01Gin Lane LtdArcadePiece HallHalifaxHX1
2017-12-01Gin Lane LtdArcadePiece HallHalifaxHX1
2017-11-01Gin Lane LtdArcadePiece HallHalifaxHX1
2017-10-01Gin Lane LtdArcadePiece HallHalifaxHX1
2017-09-01Gin Lane LtdArcadePiece HallHalifaxHX1
2017-08-01Gin Lane LtdArcadePiece HallHalifaxHX1
2018-01-01Krunchy's47-49 Crown StreetHalifaxHX1 1JBTownTakeaway
2017-12-01Krunchy's47-49 Crown StreetHalifaxHX1 1JBTownTakeaway
2017-11-01Krunchy's47-49 Crown StreetHalifaxHX1 1JBTownTakeaway
2017-10-01Krunchy's47-49 Crown StreetHalifaxHX1 1JBTownTakeaway