Other Titles

  • Medicare Covered Cardiovascular Procedures Rates by HRR
  • Medicare Cardiovascular Covered Procedures Utilization Rates
  • Cardiovascular Procedures Rates Among Medicare Beneficiaries


  • Medicare Beneficiaries
  • Cardiovascular Disease Diagnosis
  • Cardiovascular Disease Treatment
  • Cardiovascular Interventional Procedures
  • Cardiovascular Expected Procedures
  • Cardiovascular Procedures Rate
  • Observed Expected Ratio
  • Cardiovascular Patients
  • Hospital Referral Region
  • Medicare Covered Procedures

Cardiovascular Conditions Data Package

The datasets included in this data package contain data about the number of individuals (Medicare beneficiaries) and of the medical procedures undergone by the individuals in a year, procedures that can be categorized as cardiac diagnosis or treatment procedures. In this data package can be found useful statistics related to cardiac procedures, like the number of individuals, the number of (observed) procedures, the expected number of procedures, the ratio between the number of observed and expected, the crude rates and the adjusted rates of procedures at Hospital Referral Region in most of the cases and for defibrillator insertion at State, Hospital Service Areas and County level also.

Useful to policymakers, healthcare analysts, public health professionals, and other interested parties. The indicators related to cardiovascular procedures covered Medicare can be useful to estimate and planning of resources and to evaluate Medicare beneficiary population cardiovascular risk level, at Hospital Referral Region, Hospital Service Area, State and/or County. The fields descriptions along with the dataset description are useful for the user to quickly understand the data and the dataset.

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