Chicago Building Violations

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This dataset shows the violations issued by the Department of Buildings from 2006 to the present for the City of Chicago.


In this dataset each record is a building inspection conducted by the City of Chicago Department of Buildings, and each inspection has one or more violations. Inspections are made because of complaints, periodic inspections, and the opening of new buildings or businesses. These data are historical in nature and should not be relied upon for real estate transactions. For transactional purposes such as closings, please consult the title commitment for outstanding enforcement actions in the Circuit Court of Cook County or the Chicago Department of Administrative Hearings. Violations are always associated with an inspection and there can be multiple violation records to one inspection record.

The dataset contains cases where a respondent has been found to be liable as well as cases where the respondent has been found to be not liable.

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2006 to 2020

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John Snow Labs; Data City Of Chicago;

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Consumer Complaint Data, Building Complaint Data, Building Complaints, Building Violations, Building Department Records, Building Department Permits, Violations, Inspections, Chicago Building Violations, Chicago Building Inspections

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Chicago Department of Buildings, File Building Complaints

Identification_NumberA unique identification code for complaintintegerlevel : Nominal
Violation_Last_Modified_DateDate when violation was modifieddate-
Violation_DateDate of violationdate-
Violation_CodeCode assigned to violationstring-
Violation_StatusStatus of the violation (Complied = Violations have been addressed; Open = Violations are open; No Entry = Inspector could not gain access to the premise to conduct an inspection.)string-
Violation_Status_DateDate when violation status was entereddate-
Violation_DescriptionDescription of the violationstring-
Violation_LocationLocation where the violation occurredstring-
Violation_Inspector_CommentsComments by the assigned inspector on violation areastring-
Violation_OrdinanceViolation ordinance rules applied to the specific violationstring-
Inspector_IDIdentification number of the assigned inspectorstring-
Inspection_NumberNumber assigned to the inspectionintegerlevel : Nominal
Inspection_StatusStatus of the inspectionstring-
Is_Inspection_WaivedIs inspection on the violation waived?boolean-
Inspection_CategoryInspections are categorized by one of the following: COMPLAINT – Inspection is a result of a 311 Complaint. PERIODIC – Inspection is a result of recurring inspection (typically on an annual cycle). PERMIT – Inspection is a result of a permit. REGISTRATION – Inspection is a result of a Registration (typically Vacant Building Registration).string-
Department_BureauDepartment which is responsible to resolve the violationstring-
AddressAddress where the violation occurred.string-
Property_GroupProperties (lots) in the City of Chicago can typically have multiple point addresses, range addresses and buildings. Examples are corner lots, large lots, lots with front and rear buildings, etc.. As a result, inspections (and their associated violations), permits and complaints related to a single property could have different addresses. This problem can be reconciled by using Property Group. All point and range addresses for a property are assigned the same Property Group key.integerlevel : Nominal
Special_Service_AreaSpecial Service Areas are local tax districts that fund expanded services and programs, to foster commercial and economic development, through a localized property tax. In other cities these areas are sometimes called Business Improvement Districts (BIDs). This portal contains a map of all Chicago SSAsintegerlevel : Nominal
LatitudeLatitude location of the violation areanumber-
LongitudeLongitude location of the violation areanumber-
Identification NumberViolation Last Modified DateViolation DateViolation CodeViolation StatusViolation Status DateViolation DescriptionViolation LocationViolation Inspector CommentsViolation OrdinanceInspector IDInspection NumberInspection StatusIs Inspection WaivedInspection CategoryDepartment BureauAddressProperty GroupSpecial Service AreaLatitudeLongitude
32820772009-10-142009-10-07CN198019OPENFILE BLDG REGISTRATIONFile building registration statement with Building Dept. (13-10-030, 13-10-040)BL008732811514CLOSEDFalseCOMPLAINTDEMOLITION3918 S WELLS ST304205
17212742006-10-242006-10-10CN198019OPENFILE BLDG REGISTRATIONBUILDING NOT REGISTERED 2005-06File building registration statement with Building Dept. (13-10-030, 13-10-040)BL008781135854FAILEDFalsePERIODICCONSERVATION747 E 65TH ST19591
15516982008-05-142006-08-07PL159027COMPLIED2008-05-13RESET LOOSE FIXTUREBL00947 CRTRESET LOOSE FIXTURE TOILET APARTMENT 3NReset loose plumbing fixture. (18-29-102.3)BL009471528412FAILEDFalsePERIODICCONSERVATION6431 S COTTAGE GROVE AVE19612
15511372006-08-112006-08-07CN069034OPENREPAIR AREAWAY WALLREAR AREAWAY WALLS COLLAPSING INWARDFailed to maintain areaway walls in sound condition and good repair. (13-196-530, 13-196-530(b), 13-196-641)BL008751426083FAILEDFalsePERIODICCONSERVATION6431 S COTTAGE GROVE AVE19612
15512262006-08-112006-08-07CN063024OPENCHIMNEY CAPPINGPROVIDE APPROVED CHIMNEY CAPSCap masonry chimney with non-combustible, water proof materials. (13-152-250 B, 13-152-240, 13-196-590)BL008751426083FAILEDFalsePERIODICCONSERVATION6431 S COTTAGE GROVE AVE19612
16807042006-09-292006-09-21CN190019OPENARRANGE PREMISE INSPECTION2ND AND 3RD FLOOR APARTMENTS AND BASEMENT NO ENTRYArrange for inspection of premises. (13-12-100)BL008761567725FAILEDFalsePERIODICCONSERVATION6424 S COTTAGE GROVE AVE19590
18582242013-10-182007-01-26BR1063COMPLIED2013-10-09LEAKING BOILER TUBES#1 BOILER.Engage licensed boiler contractor to replace or reroll leaking boiler tubes. (11-4-870, 11-4-930, ASME I, IV)BL0095510760138PASSEDFalsePERIODICBOILER2040 E 106TH ST21955
16806552006-09-292006-09-21CN062024OPENPARAPETWEST PARAPET WALLS OPEN JOINTS LOOSE BRICKSFailed to maintain parapet wall in good repair and free from cracks and defects. (13-196-530 and 13-196-641)BL008761567725FAILEDFalsePERIODICCONSERVATION6424 S COTTAGE GROVE AVE19590
16806952009-04-282006-09-21CN196029COMPLIED2009-03-12POST OWNER/MANAGERS NAME/#FRONT MANAGEMENT SIGN NOT POSTEDPost name, address, and telephone of owner, owner's agent for managing, controlling or collecting rents, and any other person managing or controlling building conspicuously where accessible or visible to public way. (13-12-030)BL009412659987FAILEDFalsePERIODICCONSERVATION6424 S COTTAGE GROVE AVE19590
19533022007-04-052007-03-29CN190029OPENARRANGE FOR REINSPECTION REGAR(13-12-100) ACCOUNT #312084 SITE #1.pending notice reinspectionBL006521868831FAILEDFalseCOMPLAINTPLUMBING5201 W LAKE ST33659
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