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  • Children’s Safety Zone Program
  • Red Light Camera Enforcement
  • Chicago Vehicle Violations


  • Vehicles Violations
  • Red Light Camera Violations
  • Speed Camera
  • Speed Camera Violations
  • Red Light Violations
  • Vehicles Violations
  • Automated Speed Enforcement
  • Safety Zones
  • Potential Violations
  • Traffic Report

Chicago Red Light and Speed Camera Violations

This dataset reflects the daily volume of violations created by the City of Chicago Red Light Program and Speed Camera (Children’s Safety Zones) for each camera. The data reflects violations that occurred from July 1, 2014 until the present, minus the most recent 14 days. This data may change due to occasional time lags between the capturing of a potential violation and the processing and determination of a violation.

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Red Light Camera Enforcement is designed to increase safety on Chicago streets by reducing the most dangerous types of crashes at intersections. The different types of crashes between vehicles are rear-end, sideswipe, angle, and head on. While all crashes are potentially hazardous, Red Light cameras are designed to reduce angle (or “t-bone”) crashes because of their extreme danger to those involved. As individuals comply with traffic signals, serious crashes and injuries reduce significantly.

Chicago began its red light camera program in 2003 with enforcement at two intersections: Peterson and Western and 55th and Western. In subsequent years, additional intersections have been added based on crash frequency/severity.

At most Red Light Camera intersections, two approaches are monitored. However, CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation) posts signs at all four approaches identifying the intersection as photo-enforced.

Chicago experiences roughly 3,000 crashes annually between motor vehicles and pedestrians, about 800 of which involve children.

The Children’s Safety Zone Program protects children and other pedestrians by reminding motorists to slow down and obey speed laws – especially in school and park zones. Safety zones are designated as a 1/8th of a mile boundary around any Chicago parks or schools.

The program uses enhanced signage and automated safety cameras to identify and ticket motorists who are breaking the law by exceeding the speed limits. The registered owner of the speeding vehicle will be issued the speeding ticket.

The automated speed enforcement cameras are only one part of the “toolbox” the City will use to enhance safety for our children and all residents in safety zones, including:

– Pedestrian refuge islands
– Safety zone signage and street stencils
– High-visibility crosswalk markings
– Speed feedback signs
– Speed humps
– Traffic signal improvements
– Curb and ramp improvements
– Pedestrian countdown timers
– Lead pedestrian intervals
– In-street “Stop for Pedestrians” signs

The most recent 14 days are not shown due to revised data being submitted to the City of Chicago during this period. The reported violations are those that have been collected by the camera system and reviewed by two separate City contractors. In some instances, due to the inability the registered owner of the offending vehicle, the violation may not be issued as a citation. However, this dataset contains all violations regardless of whether a citation was actually issued, which provides an accurate view into the Red Light Program and Automated Speed Enforcement Program violations taking place in Children’s Safety Zones. Because of occasional time lags between the capturing of a potential violation and the processing and determination of a violation, as well as the occasional revision of the determination of a violation, this data may change.

About this Dataset

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Temporal Coverage

2014-07-01 to 2020-07-26

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John Snow Labs; Chicago Data Portal;

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Vehicles Violations, Red Light Camera Violations, Speed Camera, Speed Camera Violations, Red Light Violations, Vehicles Violations, Automated Speed Enforcement, Safety Zones, Potential Violations, Traffic Report

Other Titles

Children’s Safety Zone Program, Red Light Camera Enforcement, Chicago Vehicle Violations

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
ViolationViolation Category (Red Light Camera Violations, Speed Camera Violations)string-
Intersection_of_LocationIntersection of the location of the red light enforcement camera(s). There may be more than one camera at each intersection.string-
Camera_IDA unique ID for each physical camera at an intersection, which may contain more than one camera.string-
AddressThe address of the physical camera (CAMERA ID). The address may be the same for all cameras or different, based on the physical installation of each camera.string-
Violation_DateThe date of when the violations occurred. NOTE: The citation may be issued on a different date.date-
Number_of_ViolationsNumber of violations for each camera on a particular day.integerlevel : Ratio
LatitudeThe latitude of the physical location of the camera(s) based on the ADDRESS column.number-
LongitudeThe longitude of the physical location of the camera(s) based on the ADDRESS columnnumber-

Data Preview

ViolationIntersection of LocationCamera IDAddressViolation DateNumber of ViolationsLatitudeLongitude
Red Light CameraVAN BUREN AND WESTERN20542400 W VAN BUREN STREE2015-04-145
Red Light Camera115TH AND HALSTED255211500 S HALSTED STREE2015-04-085
Red Light CameraELSTON AND IRVING PARK15033700 W IRVING PARK ROA2015-04-233
Red Light Camera31ST AND CALIFORNIA20642800 W 31ST2014-09-143
Red Light Camera31ST AND CALIFORNIA20642800 W 31ST2014-12-161
Red Light Camera31ST AND CALIFORNIA20642800 W 31ST2015-01-304
Red Light Camera115TH AND HALSTED255211500 S HALSTED STREE2015-03-2814
Red Light CameraWENTWORTH AND GARFIELD22615500 S WENTWORTH AVEN2015-04-0611