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Connecticut Insurance Company Complaints

This dataset shows the listing of consumer complaints filed against insurance companies licensed in Connecticut. This dataset includes the company name, the line of business, nature of complaint, outcome or resolution, and recovery.

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Insurance is mandated by the State of Connecticut Department of Insurance which is dependent on assets in vehicle & home ownership as well as the preference for health insurance needs. This dataset ranges on opened claim complaints starting from 2014 to 2018 (present).

The top companies provide a variety of coverage from auto, home, health, commercial coverage and even worker’s compensation coverage – so these complaints are not an artifact of a particular type of peril but an overarching look into how claims adjusters at particular companies settle claims.

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Temporal Coverage

2014 to 2020

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John Snow Labs; Department of Insurance;

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Consumer Complaint Data, Insurance Complaints, Claim Recovery, Filing Insurance Complaints, Connecticut Claim Status, Claim Recoveries, Insurance Companies License, State of Connecticut Insurance Department, Insurance Complaint System, Types of Insurance

Other Titles

Types of Insurance Complaints, How to File Insurance Complaint?

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Insurance_CompanyName of the insurance companystring-
File_NumberComplaint file number generated by the Insurance companyintegerlevel : Nominal
Open_DateDate of opening the complaintdate-
Close_DateDate when the complaint was closeddate-
CoverageInsurance coverage areastring-
Sub_CoverageAny subcategory of insurance coveragestring-
ReasonReasons of complaint against the insurance companystring-
Sub_ReasonAny sub-reason of complaintstring-
DispositionNature of the complaintstring-
ConclusionConclusion or result of the complaint provided by the insurance companystring-
Recovery_AmountAmount to be recovered from the insurance companynumber-
StatusStatus of the complaintstring-

Data Preview

Insurance CompanyFile NumberOpen DateClose DateCoverageSub CoverageReasonSub ReasonDispositionConclusionRecovery AmountStatus
Transamerica Life Insurance Company8033962018-07-242018-08-06Credit A & HNo SubCov - AHUnfair Claims PracticeClaim DelaysCompany Position UpheldUnjustifiedClosed
21st Century Insurance Company5058482015-12-312016-01-25AutoMarketing/SalesProducer HandlingCompany Position UpheldUnjustifiedClosed
21st Century Insurance Company6015432016-04-012016-08-12AutoUnderwritingCancellationInsufficient InformationNo Action NecessaryClosed
Prudential Insurance Company of America8053512018-11-142018-12-04Individual LifeWhole LifeMarketing/SalesPolicy ServiceCompany Position UpheldUnjustifiedClosed
Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company8032852018-07-182018-08-06AutoPremium and RatingPremium Refund DelayCorrective ActionJustified95.59Closed
National Life Insurance Company9020992019-05-09Individual LifeUniversal LifeMarketing/SalesProducer HandlingOpen
Anthem Health Plans, Inc9018872019-04-252019-05-13UnderwritingCancellationCoverage GrantedJustifiedClosed
Standard Fire Insurance Company (The)8031222018-07-062018-08-06AutoMarketing/SalesProducer HandlingCorrective ActionQuestionableClosed
Liberty Insurance Corporation8031842018-07-112018-08-06Premium and RatingPremium Refund DelayCorrective ActionJustified924.0Closed
Anthem Health Plans, Inc8028712018-06-212018-08-06Group HealthEmergencyUnfair Claims PracticeUnsatisfactory SettlementContract ProvisionFurnished InformationClosed