DCA Licensed Legally Operating Businesses in New York

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This dataset includes featured businesses and individuals holding a DCA (Department of Consumer Affairs) license so that they may legally operate in New York City.

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Some occupations require licenses to work in New York State. Individuals can find out if they need a State professional license or permit and get information about applying for or renewing a license. Some businesses also require State-issued licenses or permits to operate. Business owners can also find out if their businesses need a New York State license or permit to operate or expand. If a license or permit is required, they can apply online and find the status of an application or renewal.

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New York City, United States


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Businesses Professional License, New York City Legally Operating Businesses

Department_Of_Consumer_Affairs_License_NumberAn identification number issued to businesses/individuals to operate legally for the duration of their license term.string-
License_TypeDCA offers two license types: Business License is issued to an entity/organization based on their address. Individual License is issued to an individual person.string-
License_Expiration_DateExpiration date of DCA (Department Of Consumer Affairs) License.date-
License_StatusThe current status of the license, either active or inactive.string-
License_Creation_DateCreation date of DCA (Department Of Consumer Affairs) License.date-
License_CategoryThe type of industry that requires a DCA (Department Of Consumer Affairs)license.string-
Business_NameThe legal business name as filed with the New York State Secretary of State or County Clerk or the individual person’s first name and last name.string-
Business_Name2If applicable, the Doing-Business-As (DBA)/trade name.string-
Address_Line1The building number of the business’s address.string-
Address_Line2The street name of the business’s address.string-
Address_Line3The cross-street of the business’s address.string-
City_Or_PlaceThe city where the business is located.string-
State_Abbreviation_Or_Country_NameThe state where the business is located.string-
Zip_CodeThe zip code where the business is located.string-
Contact_Phone_NumberContact telephone number for legally operating business.string-
Borough_NameThe borough where the business is located.string-
Borough_CodeA single-digit code for borough where the business is located.integer-
Community_Board_CodeA numerical code for community board where the business is located.integer-
Council_District_CodeA numerical code for council district where the business is located.integer-
Business_Identification_Number_BINThe Business Identification Number (BIN) for a specific business.integer-
Basic_Business_License_BBL_NumberThe Basic Business License (BBL) Number of a specific business.string-
NTA_CodeThe alphanumeric code for NTA of a specific business.string-
Census_Tract_NumberThe digital census tract number of a specific business.integerlevel : Nominal
DetailProvides the following information for each listed license category: Amusement Device: device name(s) Cabaret / Catering Establishment: capacity of largest room, number of additional rooms Games of Chance: type of game Garage / Parking Lot: number of vehicle and bicycle spaces Sidewalk Cafe: type, square footage, number of tables and chairs Stoop Line Stand: product category; number of 4-foot, 5-foot, and 5.01 to 10-foot stands Tow Truck Company, Tow Truck Exemption, Horse Drawn Cab Owner, Sightseeing Bus, Pedicab Business: active vehiclesstring-
LongitudeBusiness Longitude Locationnumber-
LatitudeBusiness Latitude Locationnumber-
Department Of Consumer Affairs License NumberLicense TypeLicense Expiration DateLicense StatusLicense Creation DateLicense CategoryBusiness NameBusiness Name2Address Line1Address Line2Address Line3City Or PlaceState Abbreviation Or Country NameZip CodeContact Phone NumberBorough NameBorough CodeCommunity Board CodeCouncil District CodeBusiness Identification Number BINBasic Business License BBL NumberNTA CodeCensus Tract NumberDetailLongitudeLatitude
2080385-DCAIndividual2020-10-31Active2018-12-03Tow Truck DriverDELACRUZ VARGAS, CARLOSNEW YORKNY100279173731141
2032192-DCAIndividual2021-02-28Active2016-01-06Home Improvement SalespersonALEXANDER, JAROSLAVMAPLEWOODNJ70409733272477
2064922-DCAIndividual2021-02-28Active2018-01-12Home Improvement SalespersonAHMETAJ, ARANITGARDINERNY125259177147664
1356487-DCAIndividual2021-02-28Active2010-05-27Home Improvement SalespersonSATTER, NEAL LARMONKNY105049179699717
2082361-DCAIndividual2020-10-31Active2019-02-19Tow Truck DriverMARTINEZ, LUISFAR ROCKAWAYNY116917188682280
1165502-DCAIndividual2021-02-28Active2006-06-27Home Improvement SalespersonGINESTRI, RENZOEAST ELMHURSTNY113707187263959
1471197-DCABusiness2019-01-31Inactive2013-08-13Debt Collection AgencyKONDAUR CAPITAL CORPORATION10.0AUER CTEAST BRUNSWICKNJ8816888-566-3287Outside NYC
2038506-DCABusiness2021-01-31Active2016-06-01Debt Collection AgencyINFINITE WEALTH INC53.0E MERRICK RDFREEPORTNY115208885026039Outside NYC
2052397-DCABusiness2021-02-28Active2017-05-03Home Improvement ContractorSMAK CONTRACTING LLC200.0CURTIS RDWOODMERENY11598917 523-3005Outside NYC
2018846-DCAIndividual2021-02-28Active2015-03-02Home Improvement SalespersonGuzman Ruiz, FedericoSTATEN ISLANDNY103067189540536
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