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Housing Maintenance Code Complaints

This data set features Housing Maintenance Code Complaints by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD).

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The Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) records complaints that are made by the public through the 311 Citizen Services Center, Code Enforcement Borough Offices or the internet for conditions which violate the New York City Housing Maintenance Code (HMC) or the New York State Multiple Dwelling Law (MDL). Each complaint is associated with one or more problems reported by the complainant. Problems are closed if a tenant verifies by phone that the condition was corrected or an inspection result is entered by an HPD inspector. A complaint is closed when all associated problems are closed.

About this Dataset

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Temporal Coverage

2014 to 2020

Spatial Coverage

United States


John Snow Labs; Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD);

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Consumer Complaint, Consumer Complaint Data, Housing Maintenance Complaints, Mediated Complaints

Other Titles

Housing Maintenance Codes, New York City Housing Maintenance Code

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Complaint_IDSystem generated unique identifier given to a complaint recordintegerlevel : Nominal
Building_IDUnique identifier given to a building recordintegerlevel : Nominal
Borough_IDUnique number to identify Borough (1 = Manhattan, 2 = Bronx, 3 = Brooklyn, 4 = Queens, 5 = Staten Island)integerlevel : Nominal
BoroughBoro Codestring-
House_NumberComplaint house numberstring-
Street_NameComplaint street namestring-
ZIP_CodeComplaint zip codeintegerlevel : Nominal
Block_NumberNumber assigned by DoF identifying the Tax block the lot is onintegerlevel : Nominal
Lot_NumberUnique number assigned by DoF within a Block identifying a lotintegerlevel : Nominal
Apartment_NumberNumber of the unit or apartment in a buildingstring-
Community_BoardUnique number identifying a Community District/Board, which is a political geographical area within a borough of the City of NYintegerlevel : Nominal
Received_DateDate when the complaint was receiveddate-
Is_StatusComplaint status (True = Closed and False = Open)boolean-
Status_DateDate when the complaint status was updateddate-

Data Preview

Complaint IDBuilding IDBorough IDBoroughHouse NumberStreet NameZIP CodeBlock NumberLot NumberApartment NumberCommunity BoardReceived DateIs StatusStatus Date
65730469498214QUEENS177-14129 AVENUE11434125381561FLR122013-11-07True2015-04-03
66841578433814QUEENS35-01101 STREET11368174211FL32014-01-03True2015-04-04
67142736125834QUEENS133-14226 STREET11413129642541FL132014-01-11True2015-04-22
67182566740424QUEENS96-01LIBERTY AVENUE114179119433FL102014-01-14True2015-04-02
67197835451494QUEENS121-11133 AVENUE11420117285BSMT102014-01-15True2015-04-22
67546773818733BROOKLYN245TROUTMAN STREET112373174383L42014-01-28True2015-04-14
67611354598184QUEENS98-0167 AVENUE113743155276B62014-01-30True2015-04-10
67752734968924QUEENS85-2388 STREET114218863136ATTIC92014-02-05True2015-04-17
67805945179194QUEENS145-02107 AVENUE1143510080102FL122014-02-08True2015-04-21
68065995260324QUEENS95-69113 STREET11419941561292014-02-21True2015-04-15