International Food Consumption Database

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This dataset analyzes expenditures on major consumption categories including food and different food subcategories across 114 countries. The dataset is created from USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)-Economic Research Service calculations using 2005 International Comparison Program (ICP) data.


Consumer Food Demand Patterns are Evolving Globally In the past two decades, average per capita incomes have increased around the world, more than doubling in many countries. In addition, the world population is expected to grow by more than one billion people in the next decade, most of whom will reside in low and middle-income countries. This growth in population, combined with rising income levels in developing countries, is expected to increase and change the composition of global food demand over the next couple of decades.

International Food Consumption Patterns can be used to forecast future food supply and demand or to simulate the impacts of various government policies on food demand. This knowledge is crucial in assessing global food needs, trade, and the
demand for associated transportation and infrastructure facilities. For the United States, one of the largest food producers in the world, understanding these factors will help determine the market potential for specific food products in foreign markets.

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John Snow Labs; United States Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service;

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World Food Consumption Statistics, Trends in Global Consumption, International Food Consumption Patterns

CategoryBroad consumption groups and food subgroups across 144 countries.stringrequired : 1
CountryName of the countrystringrequired : 1
Commodity_NameProduct category or name of the commodity. Broad product categories include: food, beverages, and tobacco; clothing and footwear; housing; household furnishings and operations; medical care and health; recreation; transportation and communications; education; and other items. Food subcategories include: bread and cereals; meats; fish; dairy products; fats and oils; fruit and vegetables; beverages and tobacco; and other food products.stringrequired : 1
AmountIt is per capita food group share of total expenditures in dollars.numberrequired : 1
Price elasticity for food subgroupMaliFish-0.8069
Food budget shares for 114 countriesTurkeyFish1.01
Price elasticity for food subgroupBrazilMeat-0.536
Price elasticity for food subgroupFijiFish-0.58746
Price elasticity for food subgroupFijiMeat-0.52632
Price elasticity for food subgroupIranFish-0.58379
Price elasticity for food subgroupIranMeat-0.51359
Price elasticity for food subgroupMaliMeat-0.66892
Price elasticity for food subgroupPeruFish-0.64067
Price elasticity for food subgroupPeruMeat-0.56534