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  • FHIR Media Resource
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The Media resource contains photos, videos, and audio recordings. It is used with media acquired or used as part of the healthcare process. Two typical usages include: (i). Photos and videos of diagnostic or care provision procedures for recording purposes, (ii). Images contained in diagnostic reports.

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The Media resource captures a specific type of Observation – an Observation whose value is audio, video or image data. This resource is the preferred representation of such forms of information as it exposes the metadata relevant for interpreting the information. However, in some legacy environments, media information may occasionally appear in Observation instead. Systems should be aware of this possibility.

The Media resource is able to contain medical images in a Digital Imaging and COmmunications in Medicine (DICOM) format. These images may also be made accessible through an ImagingStudy resource, which provides a direct reference to the image to a Web Access to DICOM Objects (WADO)-RS server.

For such images, the WADO-RS framework is a preferred method for representing the images – the WADO-RS service may include rendering the image with annotations and display parameters from an associated DICOM presentation state, for instance.

On the other hand, the media resource allows for a robust transfer of an image across boundaries where the WADO-RS service is not available. For this reason, medical images can also be represented in a Media resource, but the Media.content.url should provide a reference to a source WADO-RS service for the image.

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FHIR, HL7, Medical Terminology, Processes Data, Processes Information, Processes Documentation, Health Information Exchange, Electronic Health Records, FHIR Smart, Smart on FHIR

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FHIR Media Resource, Electronic Health Records Exchange Through FHIR

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Concept_NameName of the concept in the FHIR structure.stringrequired : 1
Computer_Ready_NameA Computer-ready name (e.g. a token) that identifies the structure - suitable for code generation. Note that this name (and other names relevant for code generation, including element & slice names, codes etc) may collide with reserved words in the relevant target language, and code generators will need to handle this.string-
TypeThe type the structure describes.string-
Dollar_RefThe "$ref" string value contains a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) which identifies the location of the JSON value being referenced.string-
DescriptionA free text natural language description of the structure and its use.string-
ItemsThe value of the keyword should be an object or an array of objects. If the keyword value is an object, then for the data array to be valid each item of the array should be valid according to the schema in this value.string-
RequiredThe value of the keyword should be an array of unique strings. The data object to be valid should contain all properties with names equal to the elements in the keyword value.string-
ConstThe value of this keyword can be anything. The data is valid if it is deeply equal to the value of the keyword.string-

Data Preview

Media['content', 'resourceType']
MediaresourceTypeThis is a Media resourceMedia
Media_width#/definitions/ElementExtensions for width
Media_status#/definitions/ElementExtensions for status
Media_issued#/definitions/ElementExtensions for issued
Media_height#/definitions/ElementExtensions for height
Media_frames#/definitions/ElementExtensions for frames
Media_language#/definitions/ElementExtensions for language
Media_duration#/definitions/ElementExtensions for duration
Media_deviceName#/definitions/ElementExtensions for deviceName