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Medicinal Product Interaction

Medicinal Product Interaction indicates the interactions of the medicinal product with other medicinal products, or other forms of interactions. It refers to the reaction of one medicinal product with some other medicinal product or some food/beverage.

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It details the potential interactions associated with usage of a medicinal product. It occurs when two or more medicinal products react with each other. This interaction may cause the person taking that medicinal product to experience an unexpected side effect. For example, mixing a drug one takes to help one sleep (a sedative) and a drug one takes for allergies (an antihistamine) can slow his/her reactions and make driving a car or operating machinery dangerous.

Sometimes, the interaction may result from medicinal products reacting with foods or beverages. For example, mixing alcohol with some medicine may cause a person to feel tired or slow his/her reactions. In addition to the above interactions, another kind of interaction may occur when an existing medical condition makes certain drugs potentially harmful. For example, if a person has high blood pressure that person could experience an unwanted reaction if he/she takes a nasal decongestant.

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FHIR, HL7, Medical Terminology, Processes Data, Processes Information, Processes Documentation, Health Information Exchange, Electronic Health Records, FHIR Smart, Smart on FHIR

Other Titles

FHIR Medicinal Product Interaction Resource, Electronic Health Records Exchange Through FHIR

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Concept_NameName of the concept in the FHIR structure.stringrequired : 1
Computer_Ready_NameA Computer-ready name (e.g. a token) that identifies the structure - suitable for code generation. Note that this name (and other names relevant for code generation, including element & slice names, codes etc) may collide with reserved words in the relevant target language, and code generators will need to handle this.string-
TypeThe type the structure describes.string-
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DescriptionA free text natural language description of the structure and its use.string-
ItemsThe value of the keyword should be an object or an array of objects. If the keyword value is an object, then for the data array to be valid each item of the array should be valid according to the schema in this value.string-
RequiredThe value of the keyword should be an array of unique strings. The data object to be valid should contain all properties with names equal to the elements in the keyword value.string-
ConstThe value of this keyword can be anything. The data is valid if it is deeply equal to the value of the keyword.string-

Data Preview

MedicinalProductInteraction_language#/definitions/ElementExtensions for language
MedicinalProductInteractiondescription#/definitions/stringThe interaction described.
MedicinalProductInteraction_description#/definitions/ElementExtensions for description
MedicinalProductInteraction_implicitRules#/definitions/ElementExtensions for implicitRules
MedicinalProductInteractionmanagement#/definitions/CodeableConceptActions for managing the interaction.
MedicinalProductInteractionlanguage#/definitions/codeThe base language in which the resource is written.
MedicinalProductInteractionresourceTypeThis is a MedicinalProductInteraction resourceMedicinalProductInteraction
MedicinalProductInteractionincidence#/definitions/CodeableConceptThe incidence of the interaction, e.g. theoretical, observed.
MedicinalProductInteractionsubjectarrayThe medication for which this is a described interaction.{'$ref': '#/definitions/Reference'}