Mobile Food Facility Permit

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This dataset consists of data related to mobile food facility permits including name of vendor, location, type of food sold and status of the permit. Notice of intent was sent on 2013-07-25.

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San Francisco (SF) OpenData is the central clearing house for data published by the City and County of San Francisco. This dataset consists of all the relevant information related to mobile food facility permits issed to mobile food vendors in San Francisco.

The Environmental Health Branch issues permits to mobile food vending to lower risk of food-borne illness. Mobile food facilities may operate their business on private property (i.e. private parking lot, BART, etc.) or public right-of-ways (i.e. sidewalks, streets, or alleys). Mobile food facilities (MMF) can be classified into five categories: MMF1 to MMF5. All mobile food facilities must obtain approval from the Department of Public Health to operate.

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San Francisco


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Other Titles

Mobile Food Facility Permit in San Francisco, Mobile Food Permits to Mobile Food Vending in San Francisco

Location_idLocation id of facilityintegerrequired : 1 level : Nominal
Applicant_NameName of permit holderstringrequired : 1
Facility_TypeType of facility permitted: truck or push cartstring-
Street_Segment_And_Intersection_NumberCNN of street segment or intersection locationintegerlevel : Nominal
Location_DescriptionDescription of street segment or intersection locationstring-
Location_AddressLocation Addressstring-
Block_NumberFacility block numberstring-
Lot_NumberFacility lot numberstring-
Permit_NumberPermit numberstringrequired : 1
Permit_StatusStatus of permit: Approved or Requestedstringrequired : 1
Food_ItemsA description of food items soldstring-
California_State_Plane_Coordinate_System_XCA State Plane IIInumberlevel : Nominal
California_State_Plane_Coordinate_System_YCA State Plane IIInumberlevel : Nominal
Facility_Schedule_URLURL link to Schedule for facilitystringrequired : 1
Facility_Opening_Days_and_HoursFacility opening days and hoursstring-
Approved_DateDate permit approved by DPWdate-
Received_DateDate permit application received from applicantdaterequired : 1
Is_Prior_Existing_Permitprior existing permit with SFFD, yes or nobooleanrequired : 1
Expiration_DateDate permit expiresdate-
LatitudeLocation coordinates for mappingnumberrequired : 1
LongitudeLocation coordinates for mappingnumberrequired : 1
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