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Nutrition Order

Nutrition Order is a request to supply a diet, formula feeding (enteral) or oral nutritional supplement to a patient/resident. These nutrition orders are combined with information on a patient’s food allergies and intolerances, and ethnic or cultural food preferences (e.g. Kosher or Vegetarian) to inform healthcare personnel about the type, texture, and/or quantity of foods that the patient should receive or consume.

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The Nutrition Order resource describes a request for oral diets (including general diets such as General Healthy diet, or therapeutic diets such as Consistent Carbohydrate, two gram Sodium, or Fluid Restricted), oral nutrition supplements (such as nutritionally complete pre-packed drinks), enteral nutrition (tube feedings) and infant formula which govern the distribution of food and nutritional products used to feed patients within an in-patient setting. It does not cover orders for parenteral (IV) nutrition which are typically filled by pharmacy. Enteral orders are distinguished from supplements because they have some unique attributes and typically include administration information whereas oral nutritional supplements may simply be supplied (e.g. home health or outpatient settings). In a simple case, the requestor may designate type of product, product name and the route of administration along with free text instructions without a having to complete the additional structured details.

This resource is intended to be used by providers from a variety of specialties such as physicians, dietitian/nutritionists, or speech therapists. One provider may simply order a base element oral diet such as General Healthful diet. Another provider, based on scope of practice, may use other elements to communicate additional therapeutic needs or patient preferences. The optionality included gives an ordering provider the capability to write a simple order for an oral diet, nutritional supplement or formula with minimal requirements beyond that of specifying the diet, supplement or formula product, but also supports the ability to provide more detailed information that may be further augmented by a dietitian or nutrition specialist. For example, a physician may order a two g sodium diet. A speech therapist, based on the results of a swallowing evaluation, then orders a mechanically altered texture with nectar thick liquids.

The Nutrition Order resource is used for requesting oral diets, oral nutrition supplements and enteral feedings in an in-patient setting. The Medication Request resource should be used for requesting parenteral (IV) nutrition and prescribing dietary supplements such as vitamin or mineral supplements. The Nutrition Order is a record of the request for the supply of a diet, oral supplement or enteral formulas for a patient. However, to initiate the request requires the use of the Task resource and its associated workflow with the Nutrition Order referenced from Task based On, or by using the Nutrition Task resource in the context of a messaging or service workflow where the request is explicit or implicit.

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FHIR, HL7, Medical Terminology, Processes Data, Processes Information, Processes Documentation, Health Information Exchange, Electronic Health Records, FHIR Smart, Smart on FHIR

Other Titles

FHIR Nutrition Order Resource, Electronic Health Records Exchange Through FHIR

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Concept_NameName of the concept in the FHIR structure.stringrequired : 1
Computer_Ready_NameA Computer-ready name (e.g. a token) that identifies the structure - suitable for code generation. Note that this name (and other names relevant for code generation, including element & slice names, codes etc) may collide with reserved words in the relevant target language, and code generators will need to handle this.string-
TypeThe type the structure describes.string-
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DescriptionA free text natural language description of the structure and its use.string-
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Data Preview

Concept NameComputer Ready NameTypeDollar RefDescriptionItemsRequiredConst
NutritionOrderresourceTypeThis is a NutritionOrder resourceNutritionOrder
NutritionOrderid#/definitions/idThe logical id of the resource as used in the URL for the resource. Once assigned this value never changes.
NutritionOrdermeta#/definitions/MetaThe metadata about the resource. This is content that is maintained by the infrastructure. Changes to the content might not always be associated with version changes to the resource.
NutritionOrderimplicitRules#/definitions/uriA reference to a set of rules that were followed when the resource was constructed and which must be understood when processing the content. Often this is a reference to an implementation guide that defines the special rules along with other profiles etc.
NutritionOrder_implicitRules#/definitions/ElementExtensions for implicitRules
NutritionOrderlanguage#/definitions/codeThe base language in which the resource is written.
NutritionOrder_language#/definitions/ElementExtensions for language
NutritionOrdertext#/definitions/NarrativeA human-readable narrative that contains a summary of the resource and can be used to represent the content of the resource to a human. The narrative need not encode all the structured data but is required to contain sufficient detail to make it "clinically safe" for a human to just read the narrative. Resource definitions may define what content should be represented in the narrative to ensure clinical safety.
NutritionOrdercontainedarrayThese resources do not have an independent existence apart from the resource that contains them - they cannot be identified independently and nor can they have their own independent transaction scope.{'$ref': '#/definitions/ResourceList'}
NutritionOrderextensionarrayMay be used to represent additional information that is not part of the basic definition of the resource. To make the use of extensions safe and manageable there is a strict set of governance applied to the definition and use of extensions. Though any implementer can define an extension there is a set of requirements that SHALL be met as part of the definition of the extension.{'$ref': '#/definitions/Extension'}