NYC Population By Community Districts

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This dataset contains the New York City Population By Community Districts.The community boards of the New York City government are the appointed advisory groups of the community districts of the five boroughs. There are currently 59 community districts, including twelve in Manhattan, twelve in the Bronx, eighteen in Brooklyn, fourteen in Queens, and three in Staten Island.


New York City’s 59 community boards were created by local law in 1975, and each represents a community district. Community boards create opportunities for active participation in the political process and provision of services as community needs evolve and reflect New York City’s remarkable diversity. Community districts range in size from less than 900 acres to almost 15,000 acres, and in population from a little more than 50,000 residents to more than 200,000.

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NYC Population, Population By Community Districts, Community Districts Population, NYC Community District Profiles

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Community Boards Of The New York City, NYC Community Portal, New York City Population By Districts

BoroughName Of Boroughstring-
Community_Districts_NumberUnique number of Community Districtsintegerlevel : Nominal
Community_Districts_NameName of the Community Districtstring-
Population_In_1970Districts Population in 1970integerlevel : Ratio
Population_In_1980Districts Population in 1980integerlevel : Ratio
Population_In_1990Districts Population in 1990integerlevel : Ratio
Population_In_2000Districts Population in 2000integerlevel : Ratio
Population_In_2010Districts Population in 2010integerlevel : Ratio
Bronx2Hunts Point, Longwood9949334399394434682452246
Manhattan4Chelsea, Clinton83601821648443187479103245
Manhattan11East Harlem154662114569110508117743120511
Bronx6East Tremont, Belmont11413765016680617568883268
Queens2Sunnyside, Woodside950738892794845109920113200
Brooklyn8Crown Heights North12182188796964009607696317
Manhattan10Central Harlem15926710564199519107109115723
Manhattan8Upper East Side200851204305210880217063219920
Brooklyn3Bedford Stuyvesant203380133379138696143867152985
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