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This dataset shows the list of volunteer opportunities, organized by event, category of event type, organization and location.

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Volunteering is one of the most rewarding ways to spend time. It can create lasting change that ripples on for generations—and it’s a fulfilling experience for the volunteer. At All for Good, it is believed that the act of volunteering is every bit as enriching for the volunteers themselves as it is for the people they help.

There are numerous opportunities available in New York, from all types of organizations and causes. Some of these volunteer opportunities could become pivotal experiences in life.

Oftentimes the jobs people work are far removed from the results that they contribute to. In volunteering, there is almost always an immediate connection to a tangible result. Some projects are with small groups working on neighborhood issues. Others may be for a local project of a nationwide nonprofit. Every volunteer opening is tied to a real need in the community, with the chance to see work translate to a real impact in the lives.

Volunteering means working with other passionate individuals giving their time for a good cause. That means people will end up meeting many folks with a shared interest. This makes for a fun and exciting atmosphere, especially when volunteers work together to plan projects.

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Opportunity_IdOpportunity Id assigned to the opportunityintegerlevel : Nominal
Content_IdContent Id for the volunteer opportunitiesintegerlevel : Nominal
Volume_RequestsNumber of volume requested by peopleintegerlevel : Nominal
TitleTitle of Volunteer Eventstring-
HitsNumber of Hits on the social networkintegerlevel : Nominal
SummaryDetail summary or description of volunteer eventstring-
Is_PriorityIs the event Priorityboolean-
Category_IdA Category Id assigned to the descriptionintegerlevel : Nominal
Category_DescShort title of the Category Descriptionstring-
Org_TitleOrganization or Company Title who is organizing the eventstring-
Org_Content_IdOrganization content ID of the eventstring-
LocalityLocation where event will be organizedstring-
Zip_CodeZip Code where event will be organizedintegerlevel : Nominal
URLURL Address of the organizersstring-
Recurrence_TypeEvent Recurrence Type (onetime or outgoing)string-
Created_DateDate when event was createddate-
Last_Modified_DateDate of modification in the eventdate-
Start_DateStart Date of the eventdate-
End_DateDate when event was endeddate-
Opportunity IdContent IdVolume RequestsTitleHitsSummaryIs PriorityCategory IdCategory DescOrg TitleOrg Content IdLocalityZip CodeURLRecurrence TypeCreated DateLast Modified DateStart DateEnd DateLatitudeLongitude
5017371565Cents Ability Classroom Set-up0Help us set up a new training classroom to teach young adults personal finance!1.0Strengthening CommunitiesCents Ability, Inc.3715437 AvenueNew York, NY 1000910009/opportunities/5017onetimeJanuary 19 2011January 26 2011January 22 2011January 22 201140.72664936-73.97911149
5141381655Mentor Homeless Youth314Mentor homeless children between the ages of 2 to 12 at our weekend enrichment program.3.0EducationMetropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty974Hillside Avenue Queens, NY 1143211432/opportunities/5141ongoingFebruary 28 2011September 19 2011September 19 2011December 31 201140.71075497-73.79303471
5288392745Journalism, Copywriting, Creative Writing Opportunity551Are you interested in journalism, research, writing and editing, volunteer with us!Hearts and Minds39195165 105th StreetNew York, NY 1002510025/opportunities/5288ongoingApril 14 2011April 18 2011April 14 2011April 13 201240.79937646-73.96519802
54754136910Volunteers Needed for Senior Lunch Program!54In celebration of Father's Day, we invite fathers and their son or daughter to volunteer at our Senior Lunch Program this Sunday, June 19th at 12pm.True2.0Helping Neighbors in NeedMetropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty97410016/opportunities/5475onetimeJune 16 2011June 17 2011June 19 2011June 19 2011
50453737240Special Events Assistant577The Police Athletic League of New York City seeks talented and creative volunteers to assist with the planning and delivery of special events hosted by PAL throughout New York City. Our events cater to youth and adults and are fun filled.1.0Strengthening CommunitiesPolice Athletic League Of New York306734 1 2 East 12th StreetNew York, NY 1000310003/opportunities/5045ongoingJanuary 26 2011January 26 2011January 26 2011January 10 201240.73443412-73.9940107
5685513822Stage Design121Helping children 6-12 design a stage for a December 3 production.1.0Strengthening CommunitiesThe Neighborhood Work Play Kids Theater5087611205/opportunities/5685ongoingAugust 29 2011August 31 2011October 15 2011June 28 2012
5744524715Special Events Assistant65Jewish Home Lifecare is seeking volunteers to assist with event set-up and transport of residents to special events activiteis on holidays, weekends, and during evenings2.0Helping Neighbors in NeedJewish Home Lifecare, Manhattan Division2694120 106th StreetNew York, NY 1002510025/opportunities/5744ongoingSeptember 14 2011September 16 2011September 14 2011September 13 201240.79948348-73.96352009999998
50143713230Artist Volunteer Opportunities672Artists Striving to End Poverty in New York City is seeking artist volunteers to work in New York City.Artists Striving To End Poverty2250165 46th StreetNew York, NY 1003610036/opportunities/5014ongoingJanuary 18 2011February 03 2011January 18 2011December 31 201140.75860856-73.98506334
52533907150Volunteer for Earth Day Events1396Please volunteer for Earth Day events on April 21st, 22nd, or 23rd.True4.0EnvironmentEarth Day New York1208201 42nd StreetNew York, NY 1001710017/opportunities/5253ongoingApril 07 2011April 08 2011April 21 2011April 23 201140.75079056-73.97443173
50943774220Street Vendor Project - Join Our Monthly Outreach Team!274Share information with NYC's street vendors about their rights and responsibilities. Get to know another dimension the city,1.0Strengthening CommunitiesStreet Vendor Project19130123 William StreetNew York, NY 1003810038/opportunities/5094ongoingFebruary 09 2011May 10 2011June 04 2011June 05 201140.70909122-74.00690698
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