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This dataset shows the list of volunteer opportunities, organized by event, category of event type, organization and location.

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Volunteering is one of the most rewarding ways to spend time. It can create lasting change that ripples on for generations—and it’s a fulfilling experience for the volunteer. At All for Good, it is believed that the act of volunteering is every bit as enriching for the volunteers themselves as it is for the people they help.

There are numerous opportunities available in New York, from all types of organizations and causes. Some of these volunteer opportunities could become pivotal experiences in life.

Oftentimes the jobs people work are far removed from the results that they contribute to. In volunteering, there is almost always an immediate connection to a tangible result. Some projects are with small groups working on neighborhood issues. Others may be for a local project of a nationwide nonprofit. Every volunteer opening is tied to a real need in the community, with the chance to see work translate to a real impact in the lives.

Volunteering means working with other passionate individuals giving their time for a good cause. That means people will end up meeting many folks with a shared interest. This makes for a fun and exciting atmosphere, especially when volunteers work together to plan projects.

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Different Volunteer Opportunities in NYC, New York Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunity_IdOpportunity Id assigned to the opportunityintegerlevel : Nominal
Content_IdContent Id for the volunteer opportunitiesintegerlevel : Nominal
Volume_RequestsNumber of volume requested by peopleintegerlevel : Nominal
TitleTitle of Volunteer Eventstring-
HitsNumber of Hits on the social networkintegerlevel : Nominal
SummaryDetail summary or description of volunteer eventstring-
Is_PriorityIs the event Priorityboolean-
Category_IdA Category Id assigned to the descriptionintegerlevel : Nominal
Category_DescShort title of the Category Descriptionstring-
Org_TitleOrganization or Company Title who is organizing the eventstring-
Org_Content_IdOrganization content ID of the eventstring-
LocalityLocation where event will be organizedstring-
Zip_CodeZip Code where event will be organizedintegerlevel : Nominal
URLURL Address of the organizersstring-
Recurrence_TypeEvent Recurrence Type (onetime or outgoing)string-
Created_DateDate when event was createddate-
Last_Modified_DateDate of modification in the eventdate-
Start_DateStart Date of the eventdate-
End_DateDate when event was endeddate-
5211386384General Services411Moving lifting and rearrangingfalseDorchester Senior Citizens Center Inc.344911226https://opportunities/5211ongoing2011-03-172011-03-182011-03-172011-03-16
5212386392Handyman Needed!229Someone needed for various repairs.falseDorchester Senior Citizens Center Inc.344911226https://opportunities/5212ongoing2011-03-172011-03-182011-03-172011-03-16
57815286220Literacy Tutor38Help students acquire basic English Language Arts Skills.false3EducationMosaic Preparatory Academy5285810029https://opportunities/5781ongoing2011-09-242011-09-262011-09-242011-06-23
57805286120Math Tutor29Tutors wanted to help students in grades 3-5 learn basic math skills.false3EducationMosaic Preparatory Academy5285810029https://opportunities/5780ongoing2011-09-242011-09-262011-09-242011-06-23
57255201420Blankets of Love237Knitting Projectfalse1Strengthening CommunitiesFEGS2833315 Hudson StNew York NY 10013(40.72636283816059 -74.00749200433894)10013https://opportunities/5449ongoing2011-06-082011-06-062011-06-05
5210386371Graphic Designer239To design outdoor signs and promotional flyers.false1Strengthening CommunitiesDorchester Senior Citizens Center Inc.344911226https://opportunities/5210ongoing2011-03-172011-03-182011-03-172011-03-16
51503823725TimeBanksNYC: THE GREAT EXCHANGE3334Join us at the largest timebanking event in New York City!true2Helping Neighbors in NeedTimeBanksNYC3690210003https://opportunities/5150onetime2011-03-012011-05-162011-06-122011-06-12
5676509092Storytelling278Literacy volunteers needed to read books aloud to children on Saturdays.false3EducationThe Neighborhood Work Play Kids Theater5087611205https://opportunities/5676ongoing2011-08-242011-08-252011-09-102011-06-29
5268391922Park Volunteer483Help Clean and Spruce Up Gorman ParkfalseGorman Park Volunteers3918924 61New York NY 10023(40.774536138232236 -73.97994335610099)10023https://opportunities/5268ongoing2011-04-122011-04-142011-04-122011-04-11
5498427822Clerical Support524General Office work clerical researchfalseBrooklyn Community Board No. 1424381 BrooklynNY 11211(40.711589765255496 -73.95817675075642)11211https://opportunities/5170ongoing2011-03-082011-03-092011-03-082011-03-08
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