Observations And Statuses For Inspections

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This dataset provides a list of observations and status for construction project inspections in the city of New York for the inspection year 2018.


Inspections provide online scheduling for virtually all inspections, making it easier to schedule inspection appointments, to offer a precise inspection scheduling system and to improve inspection tracking and notifications. Plus, it improves the service by standardizing the Inspectors’ electronic checklists – and allowing industry members to certify certain objections electronically, eliminating the cost of re-inspections.

Licensed professionals and owners are now required to request development inspections in the following areas:

– Electrical

– Signs

– Fire Suppression

– Boilers

– Construction

– Cranes & Derricks

– Elevators

– Builders Pavement Plan (BPP)

– Oil Burning Equipment

– Sustainability

– Plumbing

– High Rise Initiative

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New York


John Snow Labs; Data City of New York;

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Construction Project Inspections, Construction Project, Construction Inspections and Observation

Other Titles

Observations and Status for Construction Project, Project Inspections Stages

Inspection_Stage_DescriptionDescription of Inspection Stagestring-
School_CodeUnique School Code by School Construction Authoritystring-
Borough_NameBorough Namestring-
TCO_Obtained_DateDate of Temporary Certificate of Occupancydate-
Inspection_CategoryCategory of Inspection (SAFETY, PLUMBING, FINAL CONSTRUCTION, PLUMBING SITE)string-
Observation_DescriptionObservation Description (Deficiency, Comment, Final, Issue to Resolve, Project info)string-
Inspection_DateDate and Time of Inspectiondatetime-
Inspection Stage DescriptionSchool CodeBorough NameTCO Obtained DateInspection CategoryObservation DescriptionInspection Date
24 Hour CompliancePS000RSTATEN ISLANDSAFETYDeficiency2020-01-02T13:50:00
24 Hour CompliancePS009QQUEENSSAFETYDeficiency2020-01-13T19:45:00
24 Hour CompliancePS094KBROOKLYNSAFETYDeficiency2020-01-23T17:45:00
24 Hour CompliancePS131QQUEENSSAFETYDeficiency2020-01-02T08:35:00
24 Hour CompliancePS131QQUEENSSAFETYDeficiency2020-01-07T10:50:00
24 Hour CompliancePS135KBROOKLYNSAFETYDeficiency2020-01-22T16:50:00
24 Hour CompliancePS159KBROOKLYNSAFETYComment2020-01-09T11:55:00
24 Hour CompliancePS159KBROOKLYNSAFETYComment2020-01-16T22:35:00
24 Hour CompliancePS159KBROOKLYNSAFETYDeficiency2020-01-09T11:55:00
24 Hour CompliancePS159KBROOKLYNSAFETYDeficiency2020-01-10T11:10:00
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