Outpatient Consultant Led Activity Annual Trends

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This dataset includes a list of locations for New and Return attendances and Did Not Attend (DNA) rates by specialty for Scotland and National Health Service (NHS) Boards of treatment for financial years 2008-09 to 2017-18.


Scotland has some of the best health service data in the world. Few other countries have information which combines high-quality data, consistency, national coverage and the ability to link data to allow patient-based analysis and follow up. The Information Services Division (ISD) is a division of National Services Scotland (NSS), part of NHS Scotland.

This dataset provides a consultant-led activity where a consultant retains overall clinical responsibility. The consultant is not necessarily physically present for each patient’s appointment, but he/she takes overall clinical responsibility for patient care.
The main specialty of the consultant retaining overall clinical responsibility is recorded using the appropriate main specialty code along with their consultant code. A treatment function code will be recorded where the activity is delivered in a treatment function.
The main specialty code is used by the secondary uses service to identify Consultant-Led Activity.

ISD(S)1 provides routine quarterly aggregate information for monitoring activity in hospitals, and activity carried out in health centers and clinics in National Health Service (NHS) Scotland. Information collected that relates to hospital beds, inpatients, outpatients, day cases, day patients hemodialysis patients, ward attendees, patients seen by AHP’s (Allied Health Professionals) and other technical department staff and cancellations.

Outpatients (SMR00) collects patient-based data on new appointments at outpatient clinics in all specialties (except A&E and Genito-Urinary Medicine). There is provision to record data on return attendances. SMR00 is used for calculating waiting times for outpatient appointments, analysis of DNA (did not attend) rates, and analyses of procedures carried out. SMR00 returns for new outpatient appointments are approximately 99% complete (at as July 2018) for the financial year 2017-18.

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Acute Hospital Care Performance Measures for Consultant-Led Outpatient Activity, Annual Trends in Outpatient Consultant Led Activity Across NHS Scotland, Hospital Care Outpatient Appointments and Attendances

NHS_Board_of_TreatmentIdentifies the health board of treatment name.string-
Specialty_NameIndicates the name of the specialty.string-
Coverage_PeriodIndicates the coverage period for annual trends.string-
Total_AttendencesIndicates the total number of attendances.integerlevel : Ratio
New_PatientsIndicates the new appointments at outpatient clinics in all specialties. A "new" appointment is the first outpatient appointment that the patient has with a particular consultant for a particular condition.integerlevel : Ratio
Return_PatientsIndicates the number of return patients. A return appointment is either: (i). a follow-up appointment after a first attendance (with same consultant) with or without an inpatient / day case episode between new and return, or between one return appointment and the next, or (ii). the first or subsequent outpatient appointment after an inpatient / day case episode with the same consultant.integerlevel : Ratio
Return_New_RatioIt includes the ratio for return to new patients.numberlevel : Ratio
ReferralsIndicates the number of referrals.integerlevel : Ratio
Did_Not_AttendIndicates the number of patients who did Not Attend (DNA).integerlevel : Ratio
Percentage_Did_Not_AttendIndicates percentage of new patients who did not attend (DNA).numberlevel : Ratio
NHS Board of TreatmentSpecialty NameCoverage PeriodTotal AttendencesNew PatientsReturn PatientsReturn New RatioReferralsDid Not AttendPercentage Did Not Attend
NHSScotlandCardiothoracic Surgery2009/101018633846802.02.01004728135511674.702900591
NHSScotlandChemical Pathology2009/1036187274.03.1494252871021514.70588235
NHSScotlandChild & Adolescent Psychiatry2009/1029873447025403.05.682997763508361312.0598072
NHSScotlandClinical Genetics2009/10626744811786.00.39857174747312505.284295075
NHSScotlandClinical Neurophysiology2009/10227571.42857143
NHSScotlandClinical Oncology2009/101031311199591136.07.59783243124764813.855402373
NHSScotlandClinical Radiology2009/101197637560.00.87912087975611915.74074074