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This dataset includes police incident reports filed by officers and by individuals through self-service online reporting for non-emergency cases. Reports included are those for incidents that occurred starting January 1, 2018 onward and have been approved by a supervising officer.

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Incident reports filed by officers are approved by a supervising officer. Once approved and electronically signed by a Sergeant or Lieutenant, no further information is added to the initial report. A supplemental report for additional information or clarification is generated if necessary.

Reports can come from one of three sources. These are discernable through the “Report Type Description” and “Report Type Code” field:
1. Initial: The first report filed for the incident
2. Vehicle: A special incident report related to stolen and/or recovered vehicles
3. Coplogic: Filed online by an individual

Incidents can have one or many associated Incident Codes. For example, an officer may have a warrant for an arrest and while making the arrest discovers narcotics in the individual’s possession. The officer will record an incident code for the warrant as well as the discovery of narcotics.

Coordinates are provided within the dataset where feasible. Coordinates could be missing for the following reasons:
1. Invalid addresses – addresses submitted by officers pass through validation, however, the online submission does not validate addresses on entry. While best efforts are made to match those to valid addresses when loading to the Crime Data Warehouse, there are still technical limitations to fixing all poorly formed addresses.
2. Addresses for incidents outside of SF – some cases are referred from outside San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) districts, these will be marked as Out of SF in the Police District column and not have associated geographic information.

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Crimes in San Francisco in 2019, All Reported Incidents in San Francisco

Incident_Date_TimeThe date and time when the incident occurreddatetime-
Incident_DayThe day of the week incident occurredstring-
Report_Date_TimeDistinct from Incident_Date_Time, Report_Date_Time is when the report was filed.datetime-
Incident_IDThis is the system generated identifier for incident reports. An incident report can have multiple incident codes associated. Thus, this identifier, while unique to the report, will be duplicated within this dataset to represent those 1 to many relationships when they exist. Incident IDs and Incident Numbers both uniquely identify reports, but Incident Numbers are what are used and referenced in the cases and report documents.integerlevel : Nominal
Incident_NumberThe number issued on the report, sometimes interchangeably referred to as the Case Numberintegerlevel : Nominal
CAD_NumberThe Computer Aided Dispatch is the system used by the Department of Emergency Management (DEM) to dispatch officers and other public safety personnel. CAD Numbers are assigned by the DEM system and linked to relevant incident reports (Incident Number). Not all Incidents will have a CAD Number. Reports filed online via Coplogic ( see field: Filed Online) will not have a CAD Number and certain other reports not filed through the DEM system will also not have these numbers.integerlevel : Nominal
Report_Type_CodeA system code for report types, these have corresponding descriptions within the dataset.string-
Report_Type_DescriptionThe description of the report type can be one of Initial: Initial; Initial Supplement; Vehicle Initial; Vehicle Supplement; Coplogic Initial; Coplogic Supplementstring-
Is_Filed_OnlinePolice reports filed online for non-emergency cases.boolean-
Incident_CodeIncident Codes are the system codes to describe a type of incident. A single incident report can have one or many incident types associated. In those cases you will see multiple rows representing a unique combination of the Incident ID and Incident Code.integerlevel : Nominal
Incident_CategoryA category mapped on to the Incident Code used in statistics and reporting. Mappings provided by the Crime Analysis Unit of the Police Department.string-
Incident_SubcategoryA subcategory mapped on to the Incident Code used in statistics and reporting. These nest inside the Category field. Mappings provided by the Crime Analysis Unit of the Police Department.string-
Incident_DescriptionThe description of the incident that corresponds with the Incident Code. These are generally self-explanatory.string-
ResolutionThe resolution of the incident at the time of the report. Can be one of: - Cite or Arrest Adult - Cite or Arrest Juvenile - Exceptional Adult - Exceptional Juvenile - Open or Active - Unfounded Note: once a report is filed the resolution does not change on the filed report later.string-
IntersectionThe 2 or more street names that intersect closest to the original incident separated by a forward slash (). Note, the possible intersections will only include those that satisfy the privacy controls.string-
Centerline_Node_NetworkThe unique identifier of the intersection for reference back to other related basemap datasets.integerlevel : Nominal
Police_DistrictThe Police District reflecting current boundaries (boundaries changed in 2015).string-
Analysis_NeighborhoodThe Department of Public Health and the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development, with support from the Planning Department, created 41 neighborhoods by grouping 2010 Census tracts, using common real estate and resident definitions for the purpose of providing consistency in the analysis and reporting of socio-economic, demographic, and environmental data, and data on City-funded programs and services.string-
Supervisor_DistrictThere are 11 members elected to the Board of Supervisors in San Francisco, each representing a geographic district. The Board of Supervisors is the legislative body for San Francisco. The districts are numbered 1 through 11.integerlevel : Nominal
LatitudeThe latitude of the location where the incident occurrednumber-
LongitudeThe longitude of the location where the incident occurrednumber-
Incident Date TimeIncident DayReport Date TimeIncident IDIncident NumberCAD NumberReport Type CodeReport Type DescriptionIs Filed OnlineIncident CodeIncident CategoryIncident SubcategoryIncident DescriptionResolutionIntersectionCenterline Node NetworkPolice DistrictAnalysis NeighborhoodSupervisor DistrictLatitudeLongitude
2018-07-18T13:30:00Wednesday2018-07-18T13:31:00692509180536729182001522.0IIInitial64070Suspicious OccSuspicious OccSuspicious OccurrenceUnfoundedOut of SF
2019-08-05T03:29:00Monday2019-08-05T03:29:00830720190561302VSVehicle Supplement7043Recovered VehicleRecovered VehicleVehicle, Recovered, MotorcycleOpen or ActiveOut of SF
2019-04-08T05:25:00Monday2019-04-13T13:34:00791656196076240IICoplogic InitialTrue71000Lost PropertyLost PropertyLost PropertyOpen or ActiveOut of SF
2019-06-05T14:00:00Wednesday2019-06-05T14:30:00810060190416337191610728.0IIInitial72000Non-CriminalNon-CriminalFound PropertyOpen or ActiveFRANKLIN ST \ EDDY ST25191000.0NorthernWestern Addition5.037.78268537-122.4224637
2019-08-05T05:22:00Monday2019-08-05T05:22:00830837190385817ISInitial Supplement9330FraudFraudAccess Card Counterfeiting Machinery, Possession ofOpen or ActiveOut of SF
2019-04-16T20:20:00Tuesday2019-04-17T00:21:00791713196076024IICoplogic InitialTrue6244Larceny TheftLarceny - From VehicleTheft, From Locked Vehicle, >$950Open or ActiveCentral
2019-06-10T11:00:00Monday2019-06-10T11:00:00810123190393440191521989.0ISInitial Supplement72000Non-CriminalNon-CriminalFound PropertyOpen or ActiveANZA ST \ 06TH AVE27275000.0RichmondInner Richmond1.037.77909073-122.464145
2019-07-31T15:00:00Wednesday2019-08-03T09:32:00830896196157981IICoplogic InitialTrue6224Larceny TheftLarceny - From VehicleTheft, From Unlocked Vehicle, >$950Open or ActiveNorthern
2019-07-10T09:00:00Wednesday2019-07-15T12:53:00830914196157884IICoplogic InitialTrue6372Larceny TheftLarceny Theft - OtherTheft, Other Property, $50-$200Open or ActiveOut of SF
2019-08-03T12:00:00Saturday2019-08-03T20:34:00830946196157969IICoplogic InitialTrue6244Larceny TheftLarceny - From VehicleTheft, From Locked Vehicle, >$950Open or ActiveRichmond